10 Best Books to read in 2022

Think of anything you want, from something you desire to the goal you want to achieve or a pleasant memory you miss. Is there anything common between all of these things? You might reply with no, nothing at all. But is that really true? We will reply with no, nothing at all. Why? Cause everything we see, hear, experience, observe, desire or accomplish, a book somewhere out there in the vast literacy world can describe so vividly and evidently that it will haul you into the realm of evoking those moments again.

A book can bring a revolution, and no, we are not talking about the countrywide revolution, which some of the best books have made happen in the past. But here, when we say revolution, we are talking about individual awareness and thinking. Good books can completely transform human beings and might make an impact that will last for life.

Toppiks have picked a few good books that are both worthy and enjoyable to read. The list includes everything from thrillers to self-help to drama to romance books. So, bookmark this link cause the excellent books here are all you need in 2022.

Here are the best books in 2022:

1- The School for Good Mothers

Author- Jessamin Chan

books 2022

A fictional account of a story set in a world where the government has the reach to penetrate the personal lives of people. The story focuses on Frieda, who loves her daughter Harriet and is willing to go to any length for her happiness. However, when Frieda commits a mistake government steps in and takes harsh measures against her. Will she be able to stay with her beloved daughter, or will the authorities separate the mother and daughter? Read this riveting tale to find out.

2- How High We Go in the Dark

Author- Sequoia Nagamastu

A science-fiction novel that follows the journey of an archaeologist named Cliff Miyashiro trying to find the cause of her daughter’s death. He arrives in the Arctic circle and uncovers a long-hidden plague that changes the course of events on Erath for the generations to come. Read this exciting adventure of Miyashiro to get engulfed in a world of mysteries and secrets.

3- Good Rich People

Author- Eliza Jane Brazier

A desperate woman cons her way into a Hollywood mansion in this psychological suspense thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Things get disturbing when the wealthy couple from the estate involves her in their twisted games for amusement. What will happen? Who will come out on top? Will the woman survive the hurdles, or the wealthy couple goes on about their business? Find out in this fantastic bone-chilling story.

4- Devil House

Author- John Darnielle

devil house

Are you a budding true-crime writer or just fascinated by the books that uncover layers of truth with each passing page? This book by Darnielle is exactly the page-turner you need to take you away from the world’s follies. The tale follows a writer in a small town digging deep into the crimes committed at a porn store. Will he reveal the truth behind shocking events, or something will happen to impede his quest? Grab your copies right now to find out.

5- Where I Can’t Follow

Author- Ashley Blooms

This critically acclaimed book explores the idea of leaving everything and everyone behind to start a new journey free of past burdens and attachments. The story is set in a small hill town where people are miserable due to the widespread drug addiction and poverty. Suddenly, magical doors appear in the town, and people can choose to enter and leave everything behind for good. Secure this beautiful book now to ponder on life-changing themes.

6- Sea of Tranquility

Author- Emily St. John Mandel

Are you not sure about your affinity for dystopian science-fiction dramas and find it hard to connect with the futuristic themes? This novel is for all of you as it combines time travel with love and family matters. Mandel takes people on a tranquil and exciting passage while dealing with arguments of daily life. Get your hands on this beautifully paced story to explore an unknown and mysterious expedition.

7- Nobody Gets Out Alive

Author- Leigh Newman

leigh newman

In this collection of short stories set in the backdrop of the snowy Alaskan wilderness, Newman puts forward the ideas of survival, death, family, relationships, love, heartbreak, addiction and many more issues that haunt ordinary people irrespective of the place we reside in. Indulge in this beautiful book to question the realities of how people perceive things.

8- Trust

Author- Hernan Diaz

A marvellous masterpiece from Diaz, Trust seems like a familiar story about a wall street tycoon and his spouse. However, there are many hidden layers to this gem of a book. It keeps you on the hook with exciting and thought-provoking details that shape the overall narrative. Delve into this fast-paced fictional story to understand the intricacies of public perception and reality.

9- Very Cold People

Author- Sarah Manguso

Have you ever had a feeling of not belonging that you questioned the meaning of your existence in society? If you have, this novel will resonate with you as it follows the journey of a young writer in the constraints of a small town named Waitsfield in America. The readers can get a clearer picture of what to expect from the city’s name. Read this book to experience strong emotions and desires.

10- The Last Suspicious Holdout

Author- Ladee Hubbard

the last suspicious holdout

Set between the presidential reign of Bill Clinton and Brack Obama, this novel follows the black community’s struggle against racism, drugs, illicit activities and criminal laws. The poignant tale is rich and detail-oriented and does not shy away from presenting hard known truths to the readers. Hubbard leaves a thought-provoking impact with this saddening and touching story.



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