10 best nightclubs in Delhi with finest cuisines, booze, and dance floors

Delhi –  The nation’s capital is more than merely daytime events and interesting monuments; in the evening, Delhi kicks into gear with its grooving nightlife atmosphere and its wonderful nightclubs. Shaking loose with your friends and dancing to hit tracks whilst eating mouth-watering food and drinks is a pleasure in itself that acts as a stress reliever and helps to break up your monotonous routine by swaying your problems away. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking the best nightclubs in Delhi.

Here are some of the best-known nightclubs in Delhi that you should visit:
1. Kitty Su
 best nightclubs in Delhi with finest cuisines, booze, and dance floors

Kitty Su, sited in Connaught Place, is a must-see if you want to taste what Delhi nightlife is like. This multi-level club specializes in thundering rock, artistic innovation, and grandeur. The club’s stylish and vibrant décor will make you wish to groove to some of the club’s top-tier musicians and performances of all time. However, it’s a five-star hotel, it has to be expensive, and is among the few nightclubs active till 3 a.m.

2. Privee

 best nightclubs in Delhi with finest cuisines, booze, and dance floors

Privee is one of Delhi’s best nightclubs, situated in the heart of the city at the iconic Shangri-La Eros hotel at Ashoka Road. This club aims to offer a foreign-like partying experience with beautiful Led screens and loud banging music. A-listers are frequently spotted visiting events organized here and banging to the music of some of the most well-known performers. Well, and if you have a girl squad, don’t miss stopping at Privee on Thursdays for girlies night.

3. Playboy Club

 best nightclubs in Delhi with finest cuisines, booze, and dance floors

The Playboy Club at the famous 5-star Samrat Hotel in CP offers not one, but two dance floors, fire warriors performing amazing acrobatics, and Premium lounges. All of the enthusiastic clubbers who come here get a VIP celeb-like feel. Vintage wine variety,  Champagne towers,  live bands, and personal dining space will sweeten your nights.

4. PCO

 best nightclubs in Delhi with finest cuisines, booze, and dance floors

This nightclub in Delhi is part of a well-known American restaurant with a stunning outlook. You can appreciate live music, a gorgeous view, refreshments, and have gala time with your nearest and dearest. You must taste their popular specialty meals which include pizza, pie, mocktails, bruschettas, chocolate cake, and saffron pilaf.

5. Summer House Cafe

 best nightclubs in Delhi with finest cuisines, booze, and dance floors

If you’re searching for an inexpensive party, go no further than this Hauz Khas venue. Summer House is the ideal place to meet up with friends, have continental delicious food, and dance all night long. Don’t be confused by the name; it’s a cafe, yet it’s no less than any of Delhi’s greatest nightclubs. Moreover, if you’re lucky, you might get a chance to see a top-quality show perform live, such as Coldplay’s lead vocalist Chris Martin who performed there and is one of the reasons for the club’s popularity.

6. Hype

best nightclub in delhi

Hype at Hotel The Royal Plaza in Connaught Place has maintained its reputation as one of the best spots to hang out at night. From throwing several themed pre-party functions to hosting performances by world-renowned DJs, Hype has managed to keep a consistent pace in the competition. Concerts and events in Hype are energetic and thunderous moreover the cuisine and drinks are as exciting. Don’t forget to order its signature dishes, such as mozzarella spring rolls and teriyaki chicken skewers, then finish it off with the Dublin Damus, a whiskey-based cocktail invention.

7. Toy Room

best nightclub in delhi

Toy Room has outlets in eight different countries, including Aerocity in Delhi.   The club focuses on rap music, hip hop, R&B, and rock ‘n’ roll. Its design is heavily influenced by graffiti, pop culture, comics, and graphic novels. Toy Room is an unusual and unique nightclub that Delhi had never seen earlier.

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 8. RSVP

best nightclub in delhi

The dance floor at RSVP, Connaught Place is spacious, well-lit, and comfy. The club is open until 6 a.m., so you can visit here after you are completed with dining and dancing at other clubs like after-party spots. If you enjoy Punjabi remixes, this is the destination for you. Make sure you and your buddies enter your names on their guest list and RSVP to their wonderful theme parties.

9. LIT bar

best nightclub in delhi

The LIT bar, situated in GK3, is a trendy, stylish, and very classy place where you can stay out until the early hours of the morning. They are one of the few locations in Delhi that host football match screening parties with beverages and amazing bar cuisine. This club has a giant wall of booze on the showcase that will immediately put you in the mood to have a few cocktails and groove your night away. The dim lighting also creates a really pleasant setting in which you can forget your problems and have a wonderful experience.

10. Club BW

best nightclub in delhi

Club BW has always been the favorite of every partygoer! This premium nightclub, located in New Friends Colony, offers everything a booming and lively clubbing experience like it should be. Club BW offers a superb music playlist that will keep your toes tapping and your head bobbing, and is one of the most exciting nightclubs to party in Delhi.

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