10 Best Songs by kk That Will Make You Fall in Love With His Melodic Voice

KK’s Melodious and Soothing voice kept everyone together and provided us with some of our best romantic songs. The song ‘Yaaron’ was released in 1999 and its voice linked a connection with all of us, and we were left to crave more and the man, KK aka Krishnakumar Kunnath, delivered as per audience expectation. As the years went by, KK consistently provided back-to-back hits on friendship, love, and happiness with each of the best new songs, we fell even more in love.

Although it is impossible to summarise all the songs. However, Toppiks has summarised one of the best melodic songs by KK aka Krishnakumar Kunnath.

Here is a list of the best songs featuring one of the melodic voices of great singer Kk

  1. Khuda Jaane

We adored the movie, Ranbir and Deepika, and couldn’t get over the soulful voice of KK. Once you listen to this song you are going to feel the lyrics circulate directly from KK’s heart. The musical variations in this Vishal-Shekhar song were excellent and soulful. This was a sweetly romantic duo with Shilpa Rao, and KK was at the top of his game.

  1. Alvida

This rock ballad begins quietly and gradually builds to a crescendo, switching pitches along the way. It’s difficult to assume that the voice singing it was never professionally trained in music. it is one of KK’s best songs.

  1. Zara Sa

You’ll recall Emraan proposing to Sonal in the center of the road in this Jannat movie and the romantic melody of a song made it the best proposal and showed the true way to depict love.

  1. Aankhon mein Teri

There are not too many singers who really can sing for  Shah Rukh Khan(SRK). Voices for popular stars are carefully selected, and for a long time, Abhijeet and Sonu Nigam were the chosen ones. KK’s voice in Om Shanti Om in this Vishal-Shekhar track touched a nerve.

  1. Yaaron Dosti

It is one of the best songs from Pal and the piece gave us the same feeling as Ye Dosti from Sholay did. Except it was soothing and in a modernized setting. But, the way it depicted friendship and its dimensions remain unique, revealing the true meaning of friendship, bond, and togetherness.

  1. O meri Jaan

Another one of the best lovely songs from the Pritam and KK O Meri Jaan, this beautiful ballad displayed the compassion and power of KK’s effortlessly masterful voice and remains one of his best. Melody Interpreted a strong sense of deep affection.

  1. Tadap tadap Ke

KK songs established a new benchmark in the world of Hindi movie soundtracks. Even among the film’s many excellent songs, Tadap, with its suffering, the ups and downs of KK’s heart-wrenching voice, and the sorrow of lost love, will live long in his fan’s memory.

  1. Dil Kyun Ye Mera

Kites’ melodious track proved that even after so many years, KK songs are still powerful. It is one of the best themes of love, compassion, and emotions. This Kites song added stars to Hrithik Roshan’s film.

   9. Awarapan

From the realm of composer MM Keervani, the work revealed KK’s Capabilities and dedication to play harmonic overtones and also bold ones. The song’s scale stays unchanged, and KK pulls some great yet delicate blows in this simple yet creative composition.

  1. Pyar ke pal

When Bollywood was producing exciting works by the likes of AR Rahman, KK became famous to the audience with Buddy, one of the finest pop new albums of the period. The song, with a chord progression in the background, became an anthem for a generation of teenagers. It has stayed outstanding and vivid over the years, exceeding the integrity album of being such an iconic composition.

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