10 Laptops hacks you must know

It’s always helpful to know if there are any shortcuts or quicker ways to enable you to utilize Windows much more successfully than just using your mouse if you frequently use it.

No need to panic; in our most recent tips and tricks piece, we’ll walk you through 9 of the best Windows hacks and techniques to make your life much more straightforward.

10 Laptops hacks you must know

Lock your laptop right away.

Simply press WIN + L to lock your computer or laptop when you need to step away from it. It keeps your documents open but prevents unauthorized users from accessing them without your password. Developing this practice will help you keep your PC or laptop safe.

10 Laptops hacks you must know

Immediately rename multiple files.

Simply select every file you want to rename and click the F2 key on your keyboard. To prevent confusion, Windows will append a (1) or a (2) to the end of the file name.

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Including file names in the command line

Nothing is worse than having to type out a whole file directory once DOS is open and you are looking to execute a file, for instance: C: DocumentsPictures.

Simply drag the file into the command prompt to have the computer enter it for you rather than having to do this. Amazing, huh?

10 Laptops hacks you must know

Shaking your window will lessen the effect.

This is a fantastic method for expediting window minimization. You only need to click, drag and shake a window to make it move. All the different windows you have open will magically minimize, giving you immediate access to the crucial workspace on your desktop or laptop.

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Emphasizing address bars

Have you ever wanted to highlight a lengthy URL in your browser so that you may copy it or remove it? Don’t worry; you can accentuate it by pressing the F6 key on your keyboard, which works like magic!


Shake every window aside from the active one.

Shaking every Windows window but the active one is one of the best Windows tricks. It’s time to concentrate on the Windows you’re working on if your desktop is overrun with them. Click the window’s title bar to make it active or remain open. Next, keep the mouse still, click the left button, and swiftly shake the active window. You’ll see that all windows will disappear (essentially minimize), leaving you with the one you’re currently working on. Neat! Is it not?


Activate the second Start menu.

What? You might be perplexed and exclaim, “Hey! One start menu appears when you click the Windows symbol, but here’s a little-known trick: press the Windows key + X or use the right mouse button to select the Windows icon in the bottom left. Access to Windows PowerShell, Task Manager, File Explorer, and many others will be available now. If you were aware of this Windows 10 tip, that’s great; if not, you may thank us later.

10 Laptops hacks you must know

Make deleting browser history easier.

If you want to quickly remove your browsing history but don’t want to navigate several options, try CTRL+Shift+DEL in your browser and see what happens! The browsing history option may appear!

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Even after emptying the recycle bin, deleted files can still be recovered.

It can be frustrating to delete files, empty the recycling bin, and then discover later that there was a file there that you wanted. You can restore any deleted files that you may have. Select the file type you’re looking for, and the application will conduct a thorough search on your behalf. However, it’s possible that the application won’t be able to find a file if it has been a while since you removed it.

The above 10 laptop hacks can be beneficial for you. It can make your life easier when you are working with a laptop.

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