7 trustworthy sites to buy-sell secondhand cars in India

Used cars in India can be sold and purchased in India on reputed and safe sites like Cars24,  Olx, and many others. In this post, We will talk to readers about the top-rated sites for effortlessly buying and selling old cars in India online. Thousands of used cars for sale in India are posted on them.

Consumers of used cars enjoy visiting these websites to purchase & sell a second-hand car online. The site attracts used car sellers since it allows them to immediately sell used cars digitally by generating an offer. In short, listed websites benefit both secondhand car buyers and sellers. They are assisting both of them in meeting online for the used car transaction. We’ve identified the best sites for buyers and sellers of used vehicles, whether you’re seeking a specific new car or want to sell your old one.

Scroll down to know the best sites for purchasing and selling second-hand cars:


CARS24, online site

CARS24 is among India’s most popular car applications for acquiring and selling used cars. Online service provider strives to use technology to streamline your online automobile buying and selling experience. For used car purchasers, they provide industry-first services like a 7-day trial, a 6-month warranty, simple and quick financing, and door-to-door deliveries.  To purchase secondhand cars in India, use this app to browse thousands of authorized pre-owned vehicles and book the used vehicle of your preference by depositing refundable booking fees.


CarWale is one of the most popular car apps in India for finding new and secondhand cars. Its app provides instant solutions to all of our car-related questions. CarWale strives to make the car-buying process easier by giving realistic on-road costs, authentic consumer and expert ratings, and the ability to organize test drives with nearby suppliers. If you want to purchase used cars, this app has over 50,000 certified used car adverts from legitimate dealers. You can also trade your used car in a few simple steps and get the best price for your vehicle with the built-in car valuation tool.

 Maruti Suzuki True Value

Maruti Suzuki True Value

The True Value App, backed by Maruti Suzuki’s confidence and dependability, puts ease at your fingertips. With this user-friendly software, you can buy and sell used cars, among other things. On the True Value application, you can browse and sort through a large selection of used cars by location, affordability, model, and color. Get all the details on the pre-owned vehicle you’ve chosen and schedule a test drive right now. If you’re thinking about selling your car, utilize the application to Schedule an evaluation and have it evaluated at your doorway.


CarDekho App is much more than just buying and selling used cars in India you can conduct car research via the app to learn about the most recent vehicles, popular vehicles, and forthcoming vehicles in India. Compare the on-road prices of several car variants in your city, as well as the specifications and attributes of two or more vehicles. Learn about the latest automobile offers and discounts, and receive help with car loans, insurance, and much more. You may also use the CarDekho App to effortlessly purchase and sell secondhand cars in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and many other cities.

OLX Autos

OLX Autos for selling secondhand cars

OLX Autos in India is the wiser option for selling your car digitally, with a simple approach and numerous rewards. OnLine eXchange, or Olx, is an online marketplace for purchasing and selling services and commodities such as vehicles and bikes, as well as gadgets and furniture. It not only specialized in selling and purchasing cars, but it also serves as the best site for trading c- to c.

Car Gurus

If you’re the type of person who likes to negotiate a little to get the greatest deal possible, this is the site for you. This website also provides you with negotiation leverage and notifies you if your car’s price will be reduced significantly. You can also look for cars based on their efficiency, fuel economy, and other factors. This site also gives data about carfax reports, how long the vehicle is for sale, and many other things.


Spinny - buy used cars easily

Spinny is an end-to-end secondhand car platform based in India. They are radically changing the way consumers purchase used cars by providing perfect safety and transparency in deals. Spinny’s vision is to pursue a full-stack business model in order to provide our clients with Quality, Accountability, and Convenience. It offers a straightforward and trouble-free car-buying process, including home test drives, complimentary home delivery, and easy RC transfer. All Spinny Guaranteed used cars come with a 5-day money-back assurance and speedy financing clearances.

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