7 finest superhero movies on Prime Video

If you enjoy mythological myths, legends, or superhuman tales from marvel comics, you will love the superhero movie category. The wonderful thing about such films is that they combine the surprises of a thriller with the incredible action scenes of an adventure as well as a unique narrative. Here are seven of the finest superhero movies available on Prime Video India that are currently streaming.

Scroll down the list of best superhero movies on Prime Video in 2022

Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This movie, like other crossover movies, follows a similar formula: Batman & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battle each other at the beginning, but must eventually join against one of their common enemies: the Shredder, who has linked up with Batman’s everlasting nemesis, Ra’s al Ghul. The picture goes out as a Saturday morning cartoon, with very well and sharply rendered action scenes and an outrageous sense of wit. it is one of the best superhero movies to watch on Prime Video.

 Man of Steel

In this latest iteration of the DC comics character, Henry Cavill has done an outstanding job as Superman. Clark Kent discovers his actual roots and how he acquired his talents right as he boards a Kryptonian ship. While returning to Earth, he is pursued by an old foe intent on wreaking destruction on the world. The film is so outstanding that it may safely be called one of the best Superman movies of all time.


Here’s the debut Spider-Man film, which took the famous comic character to the big screen and made such an impression that it revitalized the superhero film category in Hollywood. Peter Parker is a meek teenager who is tormented by his classmates, but his life changes when he is bitten by a scientifically mutant spider and gets powers. He is nothing to the external world, but his heroic alter ego is the city’s lifeblood. This one is the best Superhero movie of all time.

Wonder Women

At a period when the cultural landscape was fascinated with gloomy, tortured heroes and dark anti-heroes, Wonder Woman drew viewers by being kind-hearted, courageous, and hopeful — quite frankly, just heroic. It features Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, an Amazonian warrior tasked with preventing Ares, the God of War, from annihilating humanity. Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, a US pilot, provides Gadot with a fantastic scene partner, and the movie rides on their charisma, natural chemistry, and acting skills.


The series, which is full of thrills, twists, and teenage drama, offers a degree of complexity (and gore) never seen in a superhero film, or even an animated production. Brilliant villains, exhilarating action, a deep psychological core, superhumans snarky teenagers, and a voice talent that features Seth Rogen,   Steven Yeun, and JK Simmons. Is there anything else could you ask for from a superhero movie?

The Boys

What about if superheroes were egomaniacal maniacs? After witnessing Eric Kripke’s brilliantly black comedy about a universe where superheroes are bad-behaving superstars controlled by an evil business, it’s difficult to envision them as anything else. However, When they step out of line, it’s up to a motley crew of super hunters to whack them. The Boys is among the most fascinating superhero comics in years, a ruthlessly stinging satire on hero culture & heroic worshipping filled with enormous set plays along the road.


Bloodshot is one of the current superhero movies on Amazon Prime that has garnered positive reviews from critics. It tells the narrative of a slain soldier who is resurrected as the superhero Bloodshot. He uses his expert training and newly gained skills to fight off the individuals who murdered him, only to discover the true objectives of those who are assisting him.

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