7 Latest & Must use AI Tools in 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming several industries in India, from healthcare and banking to manufacturing and agriculture. While prominent AI tools such as TensorFlow, Chatgpt and OpenAI dominate the market, numerous lesser-known but effective technologies deserve to be recognized. In this piece, we will look at such AI tools in India and discuss their distinct advantages.

best & less known AI tools in India

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Gamma AI is a strong artificial intelligence (AI) technology that specializes in natural language processing and sentiment analysis. It lets companies gain significant knowledge from textual data like customer reviews, posts on social media, and responses to surveys. The powerful algorithms of Gamma AI analyze the emotional tone and sentiment of the text, giving organizations actionable data for improving their goods, services, and customer experiences. Gamma AI’s capacity for comprehending and interpreting human language enables organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve overall business strategies.


Looka is one of the best AI tools that makes it easy and quick to design great logos and branding elements. The application employs AI algorithms to generate logo possibilities depending on user input, making the design process more efficient and user-friendly. Looka also provides customization possibilities, such as font selection and layout changes. Individuals and small businesses may use Looka to generate high-quality logos and establish a distinctive visual identity without any design experience or a requirement to hire a professional designer.

Vernacular is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that specializes in multilingual conversational AI solutions. It allows organizations to create chatbots and voice-controlled devices that can understand and answer in different languages. The powerful natural language processing (NLP) algorithms used by assure precise and pertinent interactions, making it suitable for customer care, voice-based commerce, as well as content search.

Entropik Tech

Entropik Tech is an AI-driven Emotion AI platform that understands human emotions and behavior by leveraging facial and vocal emotion identification technology. It helps organizations to assess the emotional reactions of their customers to their products, services, and marketing initiatives. The solutions provided by Entropik Tech are used in research on markets, consumer insights, and customer experience testing.


Lightwing is a data analytics platform driven by AI that is aimed to streamline and optimize data workflows. It streamlines data preparation, cleansing, and transformation operations, allowing data to be easily analyzed. Lightwing’s user-friendly interface and strong analytics capabilities enable users to gain actionable insights from data without substantial coding or data science knowledge.

Marax AI

Marax AI provides an artificial intelligence-powered autonomous drone platform for a variety of sectors, including agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, and disaster management. The software integrates computer vision, deep learning, and sensor combination technologies that allow drones to autonomously conduct complicated tasks like agricultural monitoring, infrastructure inspection, and search-and-rescue operations.


Writesonic is one of the best artificial intelligence-powered writing tools for creating high-quality material such as blog articles, social media copy, and product descriptions. It makes use of machine learning and natural language processing techniques to comprehend user input and generate coherent and persuasive written content. Writesonic helps writers by making ideas, creating outlines, and even finishing complete paragraphs. Given its simple interface and ability to reduce the amount of time spent on content creation.

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