8 Best Budget-Friendly Cafes to Visit in Gurugram

Gurugram is one of the best places in Delhi NCR to grab a bite. The town has numerous cafes and restaurants with great ambience and delicious food. However, most of these cafes cost a ton of money, which might prevent many people from visiting these beautiful cafes. Today we have created a list in which we have included the best cafes in Gurugram, which offer quality food at a reasonable price.

Here are the 8 best budget-friendly cafes in Gurugram:

1- The Big Tree

The Big Tree is one of the most popular places in Gurugram to grab a quick bite. It has a great calming atmosphere and serves continental, Italian, Mexican and North Indian food. They are famous for their wide variety of pizza and  Peri-Peri chicken. Also, you won’t have to wait for a long time to place an order as their service is speedy.

The cost for two is ₹1,000

2- Blue Tokai

blue tokai cafe in gurugram

Blue Tokai is a coffee-producing brand which recently started its cafe. You can expect one of the best coffees in town at this place. They also serve mouth-watering sandwiches, waffles and wraps. Blue Tokai is a beautiful and calm place for spending a serene afternoon.

The cost for two is ₹750

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3- Gott’a Koffee

Gott’a Koffee is one of the cheapest cafes in Gurugram to have delightful beverages and coffee. Their cold coffee is heavenly and will take you to a different realm in this scorching heat. They have a friendly and courteous staff.

The cost for two is ₹600

4- Captain Bean Cafe

Are you tired in the evening and need a refreshing drink to come back to your senses? This is the place to have a refreshing hot drink. They are pocket friendly, and their espresso is priced at just ₹89.

Cost for two ₹600

5- C’est La Vie – Pizzas, Pastas & Burgers

We think the cafe’s name already made it clear what it is famous for. Pizzas, Pasta and burgers are the main dishes of this place. Quick tip- try their flourless fudge cake for a heavenly experience.

The cost for two is ₹700

6- Cafe Aurika

aurika cafe in gurugram

If you are looking for a place with rustic vibes and outside sitting, this is your destination. It’s a beautiful cafe, and the live music adds more charm to this place. They have fair prices, and you will find yourselves surrounded by many families.

The cost for two is ₹700

7- Xero Degrees

Xero Degrees, a newly opened outlet in Gurugram, has quickly become one of the best places to hang out in the town. Young folks are attracted to this place due to heavy burgers and pizzas being sold at nominal rates.

The cost for two is ₹600

8- Times Cafe

Visit this place if you are looking for a place to read books in calm or work on your laptop while sipping a delicious coffee. The cafe has many clocks inside it, which gives it a unique aura.

The cost for two is ₹500

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