8 Best Movies of Kangana Ranaut You Can Watch This Week

Kangana Ranaut is a celebrity with a distinguished aura and fearlessness. She doe not shy away from sharing her opinions, whether they are liked or disliked by the people. Her unfiltered approach makes her a fan favourite. And above all, she has the acting skills of a goddess that puts her leagues ahead of her contemporaries. She likes to do the movies in which she can carry the script independently without relying on a male actor. Despite many allegations and criticisms, Kangana has established a place of her own in the Hindi film industry.

Here are the 8 movies of Kangana Ranaut you should watch:

1- Dhaakad

dhaakad kangana ranaut

Dhaakad has just been released, and the movie is dubbed as a spy thriller with a lot of promise and jaw-dropping action sequences. She stars as a secret agent who goes on a mission to bring down the empire of a human trafficker and coal miner. However, her past messes up her plans, and the movie becomes an edge o thriller cat and mouse game.

2- Queen

queen film poster

Kangana was highly praised for her role in this film. She received numerous awards, and this film helped her establish the Kangana empire in Bollywood. She plays the role of a woman who her fiance abandons just before the honeymoon. However, she chooses to go alone on the honeymoon and discovers some interesting things about herself.

3- Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi

kangana in manikarnika

Manikarnika is an epic story of the queen of Jhansi. The movie portrays an epic tale of Indian resistance against the East India Company during the British regime. Kangana is fabulous in her role and leads the cast with such bravery and courage that you will definitely get engulfed in the film.

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4- Panga

panga movie still

Panga is a heart-touching tale of a housewife who decides to pursue her dreams after her family members give her the full support for following her returns. Kangana plays the role of a housewife who makes a comeback into the women’s wrestling. The movie will have you rooting for her.

5- Tanu Weds Manu

tanu weds manu poster

Tanu Weds Manu is one of the earlier movies of Kangana Ranaut that grabbed headlines. She portrays the role of a carefree girl named Tanu who plans with her suitor Manu to elope with her lover. The comedic movie will make you laugh out loud and even has the capability of making you emotional at times.

6- Gangster: A Love Story

gangster film poster

Kangana Ranaut plays the role of a girl who is enticed by a gangster and finds herself falling for him despite not wishing for the same. Ranaut portrays Simran, who is conflicted after falling for the gangster while already having a boyfriend who is a singer.

7- Rangoon

a still from rangoon

Kangana Ranaut portrays Julia in this movie. Julia gets enlisted to be at the Indo-Burma border during the war. Her lover warns against this, but she decides to go through with her decision. However, she finds herself falling for an unexpected person when she reaches her destination.

8- Judgementall Hai Kya

kangana and rajkumar rao in judgementall hai kya

This comedy movie stars Kangana Ranaut as Bobby, who is haunted by her childhood traumas. She rents her house to Keshav and Rima but becomes suspicious of them and starts stalking them. The movie is fun and also explores the concept of psychology.

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