8 Best Rahul Vaidya Songs you can listen again and again

Rahul Vaidya, the singing sensation, shot to fame with his regular innovative and composed song lyrics in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ that give a different tone to the events in the house. The melodious singer has mesmerized the fans with many romantic and mainstream songs. He participated in the first edition of ‘Indian Idol’ and finished as the 2nd runner-up. Vaidya won two reality singing shows, ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar and Music ka Mahamuqabla’, to prove his mettle as a capable spellbinding musician.

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Rahul Vaidya has sung more than 40 songs in his short but impactful career in the music industry. He has lent his voice as a playback singer for many blockbuster Bollywood movies, including Padmaavat, War and Race 2. The multi-talented singer has also sung in Tamil and Telugu for the dubbed Bollywood flicks. To celebrate Raul Vaidya’s much-deserved success, TopPiks has picked the 8 songs that will have you craving more.


Here are the 8 best songs of Rahul Vaidya:

1- Yaad Teri

The song kicked off the fairytale love story between Rahul Vaidya and his wife, Disha Parmar. Ironically Yaad Teri is a romantic tragedy that depicts Rahul Vaidya, a heartbroken lover reminiscing about his love life when his lover is getting married to someone else. This soothing yet painful song will bring back all the cherished memories with your loved one.

vaidya and disha

To listen to Yaad Teri- Click here.

2- Jayaz

The single released in 2019 won Rahul Vaidya the Indian Television Academy Award for the best music video. The song entails the fact that love is the most powerful of emotions. Sometimes, the unselfish act of letting go might bring the person you love much more happiness than clinging on to them. If you have someone you miss and wonder how they are doing in their life, Jayaz is a song made for you.

To listen to Jayaz- Click here.

3- Maa Meri Maa

Rahul Vaidya released this song on Mother’s day in 2020 to celebrate a mother’s sacrifice for her children. The beautifully poignant song brings tears to your eyes and makes you want to appreciate and hug your mother. Interestingly Vaidya’s mother did the honours of shooting the special song that makes you realize that Rahul Vaidya is a soulful and eloquent singer.

To listen to Maa Meri Maa- Click here.

4- Aly

Aly is a song dedicated to his best-friend Aly Gony, whom he met inside the Bigg Boss 14 house. Vaidya coined the first few lines of the song in Bigg Boss house itself and then later went on to materialize the theme after his journey in the reality show. The elegant piece is the epitome of true friendship and the bond that people share with their closest ones.

rahul and aly goni

To listen to Aly- Click here.

5- Garbe Ki Raat

A duet with Bhoomi Trivedi, Garbe ki Raat is a song that will make you dance to its tunes. A party song that brings all the flavour and energy to lighten up the mood. This song is perfect for planning Garba nights with your Gujarati friends and family to leave all the troubles behind and engage in some pure fun and animated dance activities.

To listen to Garbe Ki Raat- Click here.

6- Tera Intezaar

The debut album song for Rahul Vaidya, Tera Intezaar, is a blissful melody of love and affection. Fresh off his successful stretch in Indian Idol 1, Vaidya sang this heartwarming song that established him as a unique and exceptional singer with vast talent. The song instantly became the talk of the town, and people loved and adored the innocent charm of Rahul Vaidya.

To listen to Tera Intezaar- Click here.

7- Zindagi Khafa Khafa

A reprised version of the renowned Aankh Hai Bhari Bhari by Kumar Sanu: this song is transformed into something wholly unique by Rahul Vaidya with his harmonious and distinctive vocals. Many had expressed their doubts about Vaidya’s capability of recreating a legendary song, but the singer proved them all wrong with his unconventional articulation of the acclaimed music.

rkv sad in bb

To listen to Zindagi Khafa Khafa- Click here.

8- Madhanya

Madhanya is a wedding duet by Rahul Vaidya and Asees Kaur and features the actual couple Vaidya and Disha Parmar in the music video. The song goes through all the emotions that a girl feels during her wedding and the imminent change that is bound to happen in her life. Madhanya deserves to become the wedding anthem of Indian marriages.

To listen to Madhanya- Click here.


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