8 best restaurants for lip-smacking and flavorful butter chicken

Many non-vegetarians in Delhi would give their right arm for a satisfying platter of butter chicken.   further, There are many devoted admirers of this cuisine all over the world, and it is unquestionably Dilli di Shaan, the meal that represents Delhi as a whole. So here is another tip for those of you die-hard Butter Chicken fans: check out the top restaurants in the area that serve it!

Here are some of our popular Delhi restaurants providing the tastiest butter chicken:

best butter chicken places

  1. Gulati

Gulati is undoubtedly one of the nicest and most well-known restaurants in Delhi to enjoy some flavorful butter chicken because it has been offering delectable meals for over four decades. The restaurant is constantly crowded to the gills with customers eager to try their famous meal. A substantial serving of the butter chicken here will turn you into a devoted Gulati fan. It is situated in New Delhi’s Pandara Market.

  1. Daryaganj

No, the restaurant that shares the same title that recently debuted in the opulent Aerocity has generated a lot of talk instead of the well-known Daryaganj bazaar. Butter chicken, for which Daryaganj claims to hold the old recipe, is the restaurant’s USP. Kundan Lal Jaggi, whose grandchild owns the restaurant, is credited with helping to create butter chicken. However, we are beyond overjoyed to tell you that the restaurant is rapidly opening in several places throughout Delhi NCR. Their butter chicken’s luscious tomato gravy is dripping with flavorful aromas that are sure to set your taste receptors on fire.

  1. Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal family restaurant

Moti Mahal is credited for creating the first Butter Chicken in India. If you enjoy butter chicken, what more justification do you need to sample their dish? They are a long-standing chain of eateries known for their delicious North Indian and Mughlai dishes that offer the flavor of gourmet dining to a fine dining establishment’s price range. They feature a simple but endearing seating area that is ideal for catching up with family, acquaintances, or a special someone while letting the food be the focus of your experience. This butter chicken restaurant is situated in Daryaganj, New Delhi, near Netaji Subhash Marg.

  1. National Restaurant

This Dhaba is less well-known and is likewise situated in CP. Their butter chicken is absolutely great, and the soft butter naans are the perfect side dish! People leaving the Dhaba are frequently seen leaving with their t-shirts and blouses covered in chicken gravy. At Grand Dhaba, eating etiquette could be temporarily put on the back burner. About Rs 600 would buy two people an awesome feast.

  1. Kebab Gali

Kebab Gali affordable yummy menu

One of the most famous restaurants in Malviya Nagar, it offers mouthwatering Kebabs and curries, as well as flavorful Butter Chicken and crunchy Garlic Naan. Genuine North Indian cuisine that is expertly spiced is served at this well-run restaurant, which is situated at the tiny square market. Furthermore, the staff is friendly and helpful here. It’s the best restaurant for butter chicken to try.

  1. Al Lazeez

The most well-known chicken meals served at Al Lazeez are their Chicken Burra and, notably, their Butter Chicken, both of which are delicious and affordable. Moreover, people still love them for their usual Butter Chicken fix because their flavor and texture haven’t altered over the decades! Here, lunch for 2 would cost roughly Rs 400. This butter chicken restaurant is situated in Lajpat Nagar’s Guru Nanak Market.

  1. Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar restaurant

A hearty bowl of Butter Chicken Khichdi is one of the famous fusion dishes at Monkey Bar, which is renowned for its ethnic cuisine. Get the finest butter chicken in South Delhi at this restaurant; the menu selections are yummy, so there’s no chance you’ll be unsatisfied when you finish. The Monkey Bar is located in New Delhi’s Vasant Kunj.

  1. Zaffran

Zaffran is a good option if you’re looking for a typical Northern Punjabi plate and aren’t feeling too adventurous. They specialize in Mughlai cuisine, so don’t hesitate to grab any thick, silky gravies! The atmosphere is elegant and rarely boisterous, making it ideal for conversations. You must dine here; it’s unquestionably among Connaught Place‘s top eateries. The greatest butter chicken in Delhi can be found here!

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