8 Best Romantic Restaurants in Delhi for Lovely Couples

Are you looking to prepare a romantic date with your partner? But finding it hard to discover romantic restaurants in Delhi that will suit both you and your close one. Don’t worry anymore cause we have got the solutions for you.

Here are the 8 best romantic restaurants in Delhi:

1- Olive Bar and Kitchen

A perfect place for spending an evening with your partner. This restaurant has unmatched romantic vibes and ambience that will surely win your heart. The calm and soothing atmosphere is all you need for a romantic date. Finally, the food is also mouth-watering with so many delicacies on offer.

2- Thai High

Thai High is a restaurant where you can easily find a corner away from any disturbance to enjoy your food date. The restaurant is divided into three floors, so it has ample space to accommodate a lot of people. And lastly, if you are a fan of Thai food, you will definitely love this place.

3- Le Cirque

romantic restaurants

Want to add a bit of Italian and French touch to your night, then this restaurant is your place. Known for its impeccable service and aesthetic sitting areas, Le Cirque is of the best romantic restaurants in Delhi NCR.

4- Music and Mountains

A beautiful restaurant which possesses rustic vibes and charms to make you feel you are on a romantic date in the mountains. Lovely drinks and delightful pizza are the specialities of this restaurant.

5- Rose Cafe

A cafe with an outdoor set-up and furniture that takes you back into the memory lane might be the place you need to visit and reminisce all the good things from your past. They serve some of the best falafel wraps in New Delhi.

6- Ladera

A complete white theme defines this beautiful restaurant. You will be engulfed in the sense of calmness and tranquillity in this restaurant that makes this place unique. The dreamy vibes and tasty food is all you need for a perfect date with your partner.

7- Diggin

diggin romantic cafe delhi

Diggin is one of the most popular restaurants in New Delhi. It has a great variety of dishes on its menu, and the white interior combined with greenery is splendid for a romantic getaway. The restaurant is a bit pricy, but the atmosphere and food compensate for it.

8- Rooh

Rooh, the name is enough to excite us. Outdoor sitting with a view of monuments like Qutub Minar is one of the best things one could have asked for from a restaurant. Their mushroom and duck dishes are popular for their unique flavours.


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