8 Childhood Movies You Would Want to Watch Again

Adults often reminisce about their childhood and the things they used to do and watch on television. From cartoons to interesting movies that we watched over and over again are still fresh in our memories. So, to reignite those beautiful moments and days we have brought a list of childhood movies that you should watch again.

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Here are 8 Childhood Movies you can watch again:

1- Chain Kulii ki Main Kulii

Who did not love a fairytale back in the day? This movie is one such story about a kid from an orphanage who gets a magic bat that ultimately helps him to represent his nation at the international level in cricket. The film is filled with emotions and comedy and you can still relate to its plot.

2- Koi Mil Gaya

Everyone wanted a friend like Jaadu in their lives when this movie hit the theatres. A story revolving around a mentally challenged person who wishes for something magical and befriends an alien left behind on Earth to change his complete life. The movie can make a grown person cry at crunching moments.

3- Taare Zameen Par

Every kid who was bad at studies and found his mojo in some other field must remember this compelling movie starring Aamir Khan as a supportive teacher. The film gives a great lesson for both kids and parents.

4- Udaan

Udaan is a movie that depicts the struggle of Indian middle-class youth to break free from the stereotypes and follow their dreams and passions. The movie was selected to represent Indian films at the 2010 Cannes film festival.

5- Chillar Party

A group of kids living in a small colony goes against the all-powerful politicians to save one of their friends. The film had catchy songs that are still popular among the kids even after so many years of its release.

6- Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic

Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic occupies fifth place on the list of childhood movies to watch again. Rani Mukherjee plays an angel in the movie who convinces a rude businessman to take 4 orphans under his care. The film is filled with joy, excitement, fun, tears, love and magic.

7- I Am Kalam

This movie follows a Rajasthani boy who admired the former president of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The kid gets strength from his inspiration to follow his dreams and passions even after encountering many hurdles in his way.

8- Stuart Little

A fun comedy about a rat who is a pet of a family. The movie follows the rat called Stuart Little and his adventures. It’s a heartwarming kids’ story that will bring up a few cherished memories of the past.


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