8 Indian horror movies that will give you goosebumps this Halloween season

Darkness comes when the sun goes down, and so do our spooky movie-watching fantasies. Most people choose to watch a horror or thriller-themed film or television program at night. Everything is psychosomatic! What could be better if it’s Halloween 2022? Halloween is a season, not just a day, as everyone who appreciates dressing up in the spooky spirit knows. Halloween is officially on October 31 but we celebrate its whole season. Next weekend, make plans to watch these terrifying Halloween horror movies if you like a good shock and a cozy, ghostly vibe.

The following is a selection of Halloween-themed horror movies you should watch this year:


Pari, a fantastic supernatural horror film about a mysterious woman named Rukhsana who may not have been of this home planet, is the directorial debut of Kolkata-born Prosit Roy. Pari, a devilish horror series featuring themes, is about a murderous ritual that sexually attacks and impregnates kidnapped women with monstrous offspring, the progeny of an Islamic mythological monster. Anushka Sharma gives a standout lead portrayal as Rukhsana in the film, which also has a peculiar and unsettling plot but is distinct in the horror genre.


The urban jungle of Bombay is the setting for the haunting psychological thriller Bhoot. A married couple moves into a rented place in the story. The husband is unaffected by the knowledge that the previous occupant perished after falling from the rooftop. He keeps that catastrophe a secret from his wife. Once she learns the truth, strange things start to happen. She has trouble sleeping and starts having unusual occurrences, delusions, and nightmares. A must-watch for aficionados of eerie horror movies.


The Conjuring series, which includes a spirit possession, a terrifying house, and an exorcism, is the ideal companion to your Halloween 2022 m. This series will blow your mind if you enjoy experiencing the pleasure of being afraid. It would be a great choice for your forthcoming Halloween party because of its top-notch frights and spooky audio effects. Both The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 are accessible on Netflix.


Haunted mansions are a common theme in some of the best historical horror films, and 1920 fits into this category. The film, which was first released in 2008, is about a married couple who reside in a spooky home. The film will cram in a tonne of excellent supernaturally inspired jump scares as well as some intriguing psychological complexities based on marriage. The fact that the picture was a great hit in its home country of India and gave rise to a series of four films demonstrates how appealing it is as a contemporary scary movie.


Pizza is extremely uncommon and creative since the majority of new-age films are about drama, comedy, and science fiction. In the film, a pizza delivery man becomes involved in a tale of terror, romance, and betrayal. The first section contrasts evil, existence, and acceptance. It becomes horrifying, intense, and mind-blowing in the final minutes.


Raj & DK’s experimental horror-comedy film Stree is a unique example of a genre-bending film. This film is partially based on a female ghost that visited the country in the late ’10s and frightened everyone. She goes to the city to prey on the males during specific religious holidays of the year and goes by the name of “Stree.” She reaches out to her victims in a sweet voice that they find difficult to resist and turn away from. The catch is that they are hauled without their clothes if they turn. the movie is worth seeing even though it won’t frighten the living crap out of you.


this is one of those Indian Horror Movies that performed quite well at the box office. Away from the usual horror scene of Bollywood, this movie firstly caught the audience’s eyes through its songs.  The story may not sound too scary but the visual effects and scenes are capable of giving worth a shot. it has 3 parts and all with a unique story line and is the best blend of romance and horror.

Ragini MMS

The couple in this movie decides to go on a trip outside of town, but the guy is secretly planning to tape-record their private moments together. When they witness paranormal activity nearby, things take a bad turn. Although the plot may seem straightforward, the events depicted in this film are, to put it mildly, heart-pounding. This is undoubtedly among the top horror movies in Hindi! Watch it to see the evilness in it.

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