8 less known LinkedIn features

LinkedIn provides several tools to help users improve their professional development, networking, and job-seeking activities. These features, ranging from LinkedIn Learning to LinkedIn Salary, give users useful insights and tools that can help them thrive in their professions. Users can utilize these capabilities to establish their professional brand, extend their circle of influence, and accomplish their career goals.

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LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn Learning is a tool that allows users to take thousands of online courses on topics ranging from business to technology to artistic skills. The courses are given by professionals and are intended to assist users grow their careers and improve their abilities. LinkedIn Learning has the following advantages:

  • High-quality courses given by industry specialists are available.
  • The freedom to learn at your own pace and on your timetable.
  • The option to add finished courses to your LinkedIn profile indicates your dedication to professional growth.
  • Courses recommendations tailored to your interests and job objectives.

LinkedIn Events:

LinkedIn Events is a platform tool that enables users to create, promote, and manage professional events. LinkedIn Events features have the following advantages:

  • The chance to promote your events on LinkedIn and reach a broader audience.
  • The ability to identify and invite targeted audiences to your event.
  • The ability to handle event registration and guest lists effortlessly.
  • The capacity to track attendees and involvement to determine the effectiveness of your event.

Sales Navigator on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a solution for sales professionals that offers extensive lead and account management capabilities. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has the following advantages:

  • The ability to use advanced search criteria and lead recommendations to discover and target the correct prospects.
  • The ability to create and manage lead and account lists will help you stay organized while concentrating on your sales goals.
  • The ability to obtain real-time insights and updating on leads and accounts, allowing users to communicate better with them.
  • The opportunity to work together with your sales team, sharing ideas and information regarding leads and accounts.

LinkedIn Groups:

LinkedIn Groups is a feature that lets users join or establish groups based on specific subjects, sectors, or interests. LinkedIn Groups have the following advantages:

  • The capacity to network with other professionals and create ties within your career or field of interest.
  • The chance to contribute and receive useful thoughts and information about your field.
  • The capacity to contribute to group conversations and demonstrate your competence.
  • The capacity to stay current on industry news and developments.

SlideShare on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn SlideShare is a professional presentation, infographic, and other visual material sharing and viewing the website. LinkedIn SlideShare has the following advantages:

  • The capacity to visually communicate your expertise and thought leadership through aesthetically appealing information.
  • Publishing your presentations on LinkedIn and other social media sites allows you to reach a broader audience.
  • The ability to learn from other professionals by observing and participating in their presentations.
  • The ability to assess the effectiveness of your presentations using analytics and engagement metrics.

LinkedIn Publisher :

LinkedIn Publisher is one of the less-known features that enable users to immediately publish articles on the platform. LinkedIn Publisher has the following advantages:

  • Long-form writing allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and thought leadership.
  • The possibility of reaching a larger audience by posting on LinkedIn, which has over 700 million members.
  • The chance to interact with your readers via feedback and comments on your posts.
  • Analytics and engagement metrics allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your posts.

LinkedIn ProFinder:

LinkedIn ProFinder connects organizations with freelance professionals for a variety of projects and services. LinkedIn ProFinder has the following advantages:

  • The capacity to rapidly and easily discover and hire high-quality freelancers.
  • The ability to locate professionals who have been approved by LinkedIn and have excellent reputations in their fields.
  • The capacity to locate experts with specialized talents and experience relevant to your project or service requirements.
  • Working with specialists who are adaptable and attentive to your demands.

LinkedIn Salary:

LinkedIn salary is a service that gives users information on income and compensation trends in various businesses and locales. LinkedIn Salary has the following advantages:

  • The capacity to conduct salary and pay research and comparisons for various job titles and industries.
  • Being aware of industry trends and norms allows you to negotiate better pay and perks.
  • The ability to learn about the aspects that influence pay and compensation, such as education level, experience, and talent.
  • Based on pay data, the capacity to make informed decisions about career pathways and job prospects.

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