8 less-known Twitter features

Twitter is a well-known social networking website with millions of users across the world. While most people are familiar with Twitter basic functions, several lesser-known features might be very useful. This post will go through eight of these features in depth.

the less-known Twitter features

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Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists enable users to combine accounts they follow based on a specific theme or topic. This might help you maintain a record of individual accounts and tweets. Make a Twitter List of your favorite sports teams or a list of thought-leaders in the industry you like for news and insights. To make a Twitter List, go to your Twitter home page’s left-hand menu and select Lists, followed by clicking the Create New List button.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search is one of the most useful features of Twitter allows users to narrow down search results by specific terms or phrases, accounts, regions, dates, and more. This can be useful when searching for individual tweets or tweets connected to a specific topic. To use Advanced Search, go to your Twitter homepage and tap on the magnifying glass icon, followed by the three dots to the right of the search field. Hit Advanced Search from the menu.

Keyboard shortcuts

Twitter features various keyboard shortcuts that can make navigating the network quicker and faster. For example, clicking “n” creates a new tweet, whereas pressing “f” likes an existing tweet. When you’re on your Twitter home page, press the “?” key to see all present shortcuts.

Analytics on Twitter

Twitter Analytics offers detailed information about a user’s Twitter account and activities. This includes information such as the number of followers, impressions, engagement, and so on. To get started with Twitter Analytics, click on your profile image in the upper right corner of your Twitter home page, followed by Analytics.


Users can use the Mute function to hide tweets from accounts they follow without unfollowing them. When you wish to temporarily filter out a specific type of content or minimize spoilers for a TV show or movie, this can be handy. Muting an account is as simple as clicking the three dots next to one of the account’s tweets and selecting Mute.

Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments are selected by filter collections of tweets about a particular topic or event. This might be an excellent approach to keeping up with breaking news or emerging subjects. To access Twitter Moments, go to your Twitter home page and hit the lightning bolt icon.

Nighttime Mode

Night Mode is a feature that converts Twitter’s color scheme from light to dark, which makes it friendlier on the eyes in low-light situations. To enable Night Mode, go to the right-hand side of your Twitter home page and tap on Display and Sound. Hit Night Mode from the menu.


Users can utilize the Bookmarks functionality to save tweets for later reading without having to like or retweet them. When you run across a tweet that you want to return later but are reluctant to clutter up your Twitter account with likes or retweets, this can be useful. To bookmark a tweet, click Add Tweet to Bookmarks from the share symbol beneath the tweet.


To summarise, while a lot of people are already familiar with Twitter’s basic capabilities, numerous lesser-known features can make utilizing the network easier and more efficient. Twitter Lists, Advanced Search, Keyboard Shortcuts, Twitter Analytics, Mute, Twitter Moments, Night Mode, and Bookmarks are just a few of the features that can assist you in making the most of Twitter. By utilizing these capabilities, you may simplify your Twitter experience and maximize the amount of time you spend on the platform.

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