9 magnificent places to visit in Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a treasure for couples and holidaymakers looking for peace and calmness in the middle of greenery. Dalhousie’s scenic habitat can provide you with a tranquil and joyful vacation away from the rush and bustle of towns. And it is for this reason that scores of people tour Dalhousie all year long.

Furthermore, there are other beautiful sites to visit in Dalhousie that you could include in your itinerary. To assist you to navigate the greatest tourist spots in Dalhousie, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight places to see in Dalhousie.

Scroll to know the best places in Dalhousie to experience its scenic beauty:



Khajjiar is known for its lush meadows, snow-capped summits, deep valleys, dense woods, and stunning scenery. The magnificence of this popular hill station resembles that of Switzerland, which is why it has been dubbed the “Mini Switzerland of India.” It is among the few areas in India that seem to have three ecosystems together: pasture, lake, and forest.

Garam Sadak

Garam Sadak is the route that links Dalhousie’s Gandhi Chowk to Subhash Chowk. The name is inspired by the notion that some areas of the route catch direct sunshine, providing fine weather to hikers going by. Strolling around the Garam Sadak will provide one of the best nature walks in Dalhousie. Several of the best sites in Garam Sadak to catch a spectacular sunrise are located here.


Panchpula Dalhousie

Panchpula, located 3.5 kilometers from Gandhi Chowk in Dalhousie, is a renowned picnic place surrounded by beautiful pines and deodar trees. It is most famous for the Saptdhara Waterfall, which serves as the beginning point for the Ganji Pahari hike, as well as activities such as ziplining as well as the Burma Bridge. It is one of the most beautiful places to see in Dalhousie.

Chamera Lake

Chamera Lake, an artificial lake placed at an altitude of around 760 meters, acts as a water supply for the surrounding communities. The atmosphere surrounding the clean lake is breathtaking, and the sight of the lake from the pinnacle is mind-blowing. The water’s color is a blend of green and blue, giving the lake a distinct appearance. One of the exciting activities available here will be a boat ride.


Dainkund mountain is a well-known Dalhousie place to visit that will absolutely captivate you. it is also known as the ‘Singing Hill,’ which offers visitors fantastic views of the lush hills, rivers, and grasslands. The lovely view of the three rivers – Chenab, Ravi, and Beas – that thread through all these greens beneath adds to the grandeur of this place significantly.

St. Francis Catholic Church

St. Francis Catholic Church

This exquisite church, built in 1894, features European style & décor. The church is a renowned tourist destination as well as a place of worship. This spiritual sanctuary is a welcome break for those who’ve explored all of Dalhousie’s adventure-packed hotspots. This is a popular Dalhousie tourism place for people seeking to experience the soul of spirituality.

Rang Mahal

The Rang Mahal is one of India’s rare ancient constructions that combines Mughal and British designs. Its ceilings are also embellished with a huge number of bright works of art illustrating the life of Lord Krishna, and it attracts thousands of visitors every year. Furthermore, due to its distinctive art and architecture, it is one of the top places to see in Dalhousie.

Satdhara Falls

Satdhara Falls in Dalhousie

Satdhara Falls appears to be a painting of seven small waterfalls cascading simultaneously, and it is a must-see for environmental photographers, campers, and environment enthusiasts. Tourists are suggested to visit this location early on a weekday to enjoy an uninterrupted picture with no crowds. Also, because the area is hilly, bring your bottles of water, food, and comfortable footwear.

Sach Pass

It serves as a fantastic trekking track extending the route to the Pangi Valley, Himachal’s most isolated and beautiful valley, thanks to its picture-perfect scenery and difficult terrain. To reach Sach Pass, one must go through dense woodlands, snow-covered pinnacles, and beautiful undulating plantations. It’s only a short drive from Dalhousie and offers a terrific day trip for people who want to travel beyond Dalhousie throughout their visit.

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