April Horoscope for Love & Relationship of all 12 Zodiac Signs

Are you going through a rough patch in your love life or having the time of your life with your loved one? Will it stay the same, or Do the stars have something different in store for you? The month of April has just begun, and the speculation around the fate of love and relationships of every zodiac is running rampant. Is your sign compatible with the same zodiac, or will you find unexpected affection from someone belonging altogether to a different set of stars and planets in April? Find it all out here on TopPiks in this list created for all the 12 zodiac signs.


Love and relationship horoscope for April

Sign Wise Horoscope for Love and Relationship in April:


Aries folks are lucky cause the stars and planets positively align for them. You people can expect to receive an unexpected and surprising proposal. You will feel special in this blessed month for your love life and relationships. Family relations for Aries will also move ahead in positive directions. Now is your time to reconcile with any of your loved ones you regret sidelining.


April’s horoscope for love and relationship belonging to the zodiac sign Taurus is not bright and sparkly. It would help if you people were wary of conveying your feelings as there is a possibility of losing a good friendship. Do not act upon half-baked ideas and thoughts, and think carefully before making a proposition in this delicate month when the stars are not on your good side.



You might experience a tough time in your current relationship. Things will become hard with your soulmate, and you might avoid each other. There are also chances of a massive fallout between the Gemini lovebirds. People belonging to the Gemini zodiac are advised to tolerate their partner somehow if they want to begin the following month in a positive direction.


April’s horoscope of love and relationship for the most passionate and sentimental sign in all of the zodiacs seems optimistic. You will be showered with love and praise for your affectionate and kind behaviour. People will realise your significance in their lives and will convey the same. Keep doing what you have been doing cause all the planets are moving in the right direction.


You will be forced to make difficult choices between the people you love and adore. Your inability to commit will pose trouble for you. April’s horoscope for love and relationship for Leo folks can become better if they work out what and who matters to them and choose accordingly. Be prepared to take some emotional and bold decisions in April this year.


An ex from the past can come back to you for emotional support, but providing support to your ex can lead to mental exhaustion for you. Be careful how you deal with your former lover and evaluate whether you need to support her or ignore her. We advise you to maintain distance and march forward to open up new avenues of love and support for you.



People hailing from the sign of balance will need to balance their love life and work in April. You might get too tangled up in one that you might forget to show the same care and dedication for the other. Giving an equal amount of time to both love and work will prove challenging for you due to new opportunities and avenues.


The sign known for harbouring people with bold moves and intentions will require people to evaluate their rights and wrongs before coming to a decision. A rash decision taken in the heat of the moment can end your relationship in no amount of time. Think and tread cautiously before making assumptions about your love life in April.


Not following what your heart says and pondering too much about what the other person will think can hinder your approach in your relationships. Take the initiative and act upon your urges to get mingled and more familiar with the love prospect you have in your mind. Trusting your instincts will make a positive impact on your relationships in April.



A few misunderstandings might crop up in your relationship, and you might get distant from your loved one. However, you can make amends and get your love life back on track with an open mind. Conversate with your partner about the insecurities and issues you feel in the relationship to get a clearer picture of questions haunting you and keeping you up at night.


Refrain from indulging in a social gathering with your loved one in the first half of April due to the planets not favouring you. There is a strong possibility of a heavy argument with your soulmate over an issue from the past. If you are hiding your secrets, now is the time you need to come clean otherwise, it will end up hurting both people in the relationship.


Pisces is blessed to have a month full of joys, love and affection in April. You will be more creative and sensitive toward your better half, making them feel special. Let bygone be bygones and enjoy the time you can spend with your partner this month that is bound to give you happiness and satisfaction. All your doubts and second-guessing will go away in a turn of fortune for you in April.



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