Check out the new WhatsApp chatbot feature to book metro tickets

Meta’s WhatsApp Business has worked with metro train service operators in several Indian cities to develop transit options on the messenger service. A WhatsApp chatbot will enable users to reserve, buy, cancel, or top up their transportation tickets. Aside from these features, users will get access to additional data such as train times, travel information, fare splits, and more.

new WhatsApp chatbot feature

WhatsApp has teamed with the Mumbai Metro Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Ltd, and the Pune Metro to create digital metro rail travel accessible to residents of Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

India’s WhatsApp Business Messaging Director  Ravi Garg stated that the digital revolution in India has made public transit safer, smarter, and more accessible. The director also claimed that WhatsApp has been connected with various cities’ top-tier metro services to provide passengers with ease at their fingertips. He stated that they would be delighted to help other places and help in the digitization of railway transportation on WhatsApp to improve people’s daily commutes across the country.

Travelers Can Get the Following Services:

  • Travelers can reserve or purchase metro tickets using this function.
  • They can also reschedule or cancel their tickets.
  • Checking their train schedule is another new feature that the WhatsApp chatbot will offer.
  • Travelers can also view detailed route maps and rates for various locations.


Metro ticket booking with WhatsApp chatbot in Mumbai

Commuters on the Mumbai Metro can now purchase e-tickets using WhatsApp. The e-tickets will contain vital information such as the fare and the issue date, and they must be validated at the Automated Fare Collection gate. Users can start the process by sending a message with the phrase ‘Hello’ to the contact ‘’.

Metro ticket booking with WhatsApp chatbot in Pune

Users of the Pune Metro can now order e-tickets by contacting a chatbot number. To begin, they simply need to communicate by saying “Hello” to “”. Likewise, metro customers in Hyderabad can utilize the chatbot to acquire a URL for purchasing a 5-minute e-ticket. Composing a text to “” with the phrase “Hello” will lead you to this Webpage, which allows end-to-end digital payment-enabled online booking.

Travelers on the Bangalore metro can purchase tickets using WhatsApp:

Commuters using Namma Metro in Bangalore can use Whatsapp in English or Kannada and end-to-end QR devices and platforms to purchase or cancel tickets, review fare data, check timetables, and refill their metro cards. Users merely need to write a text with the phrase “Hello” to “” to initiate a chatbot.

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