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Check your Credit Score for Free via the latest WhatsApp feature

As WhatsApp is constantly working on updates and launching new features now it has launched a credit score check feature. Nowadays, having a decent credit score is crucial. The credit score determines whether a bank loan is granted or denied. As a reason, it is prudent to undertake CIBIL Score checks digitally periodically to preserve confidence in one’s financial history. Receiving a CIBIL score via WhatsApp looks to be the best choice, even though several credit monitoring organizations offer free CIBIL score checking digitally. but getting it done on my favorite daily use chatting app sounds amazing Right!

Check your Credit Score for Free via the latest WhatsApp feature

Now many of us might be pondering what is a credit score. So, a credit score is a three-digit numerical representation of your whole credit history. Your credit score is used by lenders to estimate your capacity to repay loans. It is derived from lender data and appears in the Credit Information Report or CIR. When considering whether to provide you with money, how often, and at what rate of interest, financial organizations look at your credit record and rating. Credit-rating agencies gather data and construct credit scores, like Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd.

How to Check Your Experian Credit Score for Free on WhatsApp

  1. Send hello to Experian India’s WhatsApp number which is +91-9920035444.
  2. Share some basic information, such as your username, email address, and phone number.
  3. Quickly obtain your Experian credit score through WhatsApp messages.
  4. Obtain a password-protected replica of your Experian credit report, which will be delivered to your linked e-mail address.

Benefits of this new WhatsApp feature

Indian users can browse their credit information in real-time by being able to view their creditworthiness for free via a new WhatsApp feature, allowing them to make knowledgeable credit applications, inculcates good financial habits, and enjoy the advantages of keeping a good credit score – enabling them to enhance their financial wellness and change their lives. Users can keep track of their credit scores and work to improve them.

Ways to Improving Your Credit Score

  • On-time payment of all debt and loans EMIs
  • Keeping a healthy credit mix
  • Regular or frequent credit report checks
  • Reduce the credit usage ratio (30%-40%)
  • Avoiding credit-seeking behavior
  • Keeping multiple loans or credit card transactions to a minimum.

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