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Govt Approves Policy to Access Digital Media for Awareness Campaigns

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has given the green light to the Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023. This initiative aims to expand the reach of awareness campaigns within the digital media sphere.

In a statement, the ministry highlighted that this policy empowers the Central Bureau of Communication (CBC), the government’s advertising arm, to disseminate information and foster awareness about various schemes, programs, and policies. This move is a response to the evolving media landscape and the increasing digitalization of media consumption.

The policy capitalizes on the extensive subscriber base on digital platforms, utilizing technology-enabled messaging options through digital advertisements. This approach is expected to facilitate the efficient delivery of citizen-centric messages in a targeted manner, resulting in cost efficiencies for public-oriented campaigns.

To adapt to the changing media landscape, CBC will empanel agencies and organizations in the OTT and video-on-demand space. Additionally, it will leverage the growing audience on podcasts and digital audio platforms. The policy rationalizes the empaneling process for internet websites and enables CBC to channel public service campaign messages through mobile applications.

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Recognizing social media platforms as popular channels for public conversations, the policy streamlines the process for CBC to place advertisements for government clients on these platforms. Furthermore, it empowers CBC to collaborate with digital media agencies, enhancing its outreach across various platforms.

The policy acknowledges the dynamic nature of the digital landscape, enabling CBC to onboard new and innovative communication platforms with the approval of a duly constituted committee. The Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023, introduces competitive bidding for rate discovery, ensuring transparency and efficiency. Rates discovered through this process will remain valid for three years and be applicable to all eligible agencies.

The statement emphasized that nearly all ministries and government departments have dedicated social media handles, creating infographics and videos with limited reach. This outreach will now be complemented by the I&B’s media unit, the Central Bureau of Communication, designated for issuing advertisements through all forms of media.

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