How to avail the tinder gold subscription for free

Tinder, the most popular dating website, is known for having a few striking features that make it different from other players in dating. The dating app lets the user create an account for free, but only a few basic features are available when using an account devoid of any premium membership. Tinder Gold Subscription comes with some exciting features that Tinder promises will get you a match in no time. The dating organisation also offers Tinder Plus and Tinder Platinum. Tinder Plus costs lower than the Gold membership and has lesser features, while the Platinum membership costs the highest and has all the exclusive features offered by Tinder.

What is Tinder Gold Subscription?

Tinder gold subscription is a form of premium membership offered by the dating company. It costs ₹3,000 for an entire year of membership.

Advantages Comes With Tinder Gold Subscription-

tinder gold

1- In the basic Tinder account, people cannot view the name and photo of the person who likes them or swipes right on their profile without any subscription. However, with Tinder Gold, this restriction is lifted.

2- Tinder Gold removes the barriers on distance, and the customers are free to send likes to anyone around the world. Tinder calls this feature a passport.

3- You can send unlimited likes without having to worry about anything. Unlike the free membership, there are no restrictions on the number of likes with a Gold membership in a day.

4- If you want someone on Tinder to take notice of your presence, you can send a super like to show your interest in them. With Tinder Gold, you get free Super Likes every month.

5- Tinder Boost, a unique feature that makes a profile stand out in the specified region for 30 minutes, is also available with Tinder Gold. One can grab the attention of people once a month with this specification.

6- Let’s say you are casually browsing through prospective matches, but unfortunately, you swipe left on a profile and regret it later. Now you don’t have to worry because, with Tinder Gold Subscription, you can rewind to the last profile you viewed.

Here’s how to get Tinder Gold for free:

tinder gold

1- Free trial code

Tinder sometimes awards its viewers with a free gold membership. So one should always be on the lookout and regularly check their emails and Tinder notifications to pounce on the opportunity when it arrives. You can also ask your friends to share their secret free code if they receive any and use it to get Tinder Gold for free.

2- Sign up through Tinder Website

Instead of creating an account through the Tinder app, people on the hunt for Tinder Gold should create an account through the Tinder website. Surprisingly Tinder Website is always offering the Tinder Gold for much cheaper than the app. On an off chance, there are times when a free trial is also provided through the Tinder website. Try your luck, and maybe you can get it for free.

3- Search for promo codes

Promo codes acquired through various websites can also be used for a free Tinder Gold subscription. One just has to be vigilant and grab the chance when it arrives. For example, PayTM sometimes offers a discount or even a free Tinder subscription when people regularly make payments through their portal.

4- Get someone to gift you a membership

Last method to get tinder free subscription is a desperate method that might work if you put effort into your convictions. Simply be daring and ask your friends or family to give you a Tinder Gold membership on your birthday or a festival instead of splurging money on other gifts.

Source- Best tricks and tips to get tinder subscription for free


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