How to retrieve the SBI username and password? Look out for the step-by-step process below.

SBI’s Internet Banking facility is indeed very great, as the bank uses cutting-edge security and technology features when operating accounts. You do not need to visit an institution or an ATM to utilize the banking services. Online banking has made banking services more readily available. To access your SBI Internet Banking profile, simply type your Password and User ID.

Without the Id And password, you will not be able to log in to the account. After you enroll for SBI Internet Banking services, you will be given a unique User ID and Password by the bank. You might have to comply with the instructions to update the initial password and user ID.

How to retrieve the SBI username and password
How to retrieve the SBI username and password

The State Bank of India’s online banking site,, enables you to use a plethora of services, transfer funds, and conduct a variety of other things. However, there are so many accounts and credentials to memorize.  the bank initially issues passwords and usernames but users like us tend to forget them as quickly as we leave the table. It’s difficult to remember every one of the user IDs and passwords, but they’re simple to forget. However, if the customer has forgotten his or her password vault, he or she can reset it online by clicking the ‘Forgot Login Password’ option on the Web SBI login screen. Check out the entire procedure outlined below:

How to retrieve your SBI username ID?

  1. Go to and select ‘Forgot Username.’
  2. Insert your passbook’s 11-digit Customer Information (CIF) code.
  3. Choose your nation, input your registered mobile phone number, type the captcha code, then enter your information.
  4. Input the one-time password (OTP) that was provided to your smartphone and then tap ‘Confirm.’
  5. Your device will now display the User ID.

How Can You Retrieve Your SBI Login Password?

If you retain your SBI Username but have forgotten your security password, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to the SBI website and choose the ‘Forget Password’ option.
  2. Fill in the spaces with the relevant information.
  3. Type the Captcha Code and press the ‘Submit’ button.
  4. Input the OTP that was sent to your linked mobile phone.
  5. You can change your password using any of the methods listed below:
    • Using Profile Password
    • Using ATM Card Details
    • Without ATM -Card and Profile Password
  6. Choose your preference and press the ‘Submit’ option.

The bottom line:

According to SBI, due to underlying risks associated with failure to adhere to the privacy and other obligations by the users, all users are urged to familiarise themselves with the correct and appropriate usage of Internet Banking Services and the conditions and policies mentioned herewith, before choosing or employing the internet banking service. Never use such services without proper information on how to use them.

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