Instagram new features launched: Notes, Candid Stories & more

Instagram now provides new connecting features thanks to Meta. Instagram’s parent organization, Meta Platforms, has revealed new additions to the video and photo social network site. While one feature is being sent out, the business is testing the others. The recent Instagram update includes a brand-new feature called ‘Notes’. The addition is intended to allow Instagram users to express themselves through text and emojis. Learn more details about the new Instagram features added on.

Instagram new features launched

Scroll to know about new features available in the Instagram latest update.

Candid Stories

Candid is a new approach that allows you and your friends to film and share what you’re up to currently in a story only those people who share their own can see. People can take a candid photos using the stories camera, the multi-author story at the head of the feed, or the daily notification reminders, which begin after the first candid.


Notes’ is an innovative method for users to express themselves and check out what their buddies are up to. They are small posts of up to 60 characters long that just include text and emojis. Browsers have already begun to receive this feature. Scroll to the top of your inbox, pick the friends you follow back or those on your Close Friends list, and your note will display at the upper end of their inbox for 24 hours. Responses to notes will come in your inbox as DMs.

Collaborative collection

By adding posts to a collaborative collection in your groups or Personal DMs, Instagram users may interact with their pals over their common interests. You can begin as well as add to a collaborative collection by saving a post right from the feed or sending a post to a friend through direct message & saving it that way.

Group Profile

Any post or story shared to a Group Profile will only be shared with that group’s members. it will be placed exclusively on the Group Profile; hence, the feature acts as a special, posted profile with friends. Tap + and then select Group Profiles to use this one of the best new Instagram features in its latest update.

The bottom line:

The updated set of capabilities shifts focus on social connecting with friends, which appears to be a smarter move in terms of recognizing what users actually desire out of Instagram – to interact with others and not just be entertained by reels. So, use these new capabilities to connect and socialize with your friends. As already stated Notes are now being rolled out, whereas Candid Stories are in trial and will be accessible to some users. Group Profiles are expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

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