Is it worth purchasing a Snapchat Plus subscription?

Snapchat, like WhatsApp Business and Telegram, has created a paid membership service to increase revenue. The subscription, branded Snapchat+, provides users with early access to forthcoming features as well as exclusive access to particular functions in the transitory messaging service. We’ve covered all you need to understand about Snapchat Plus membership in this article.

Snapchat Plus is a premium subscription service that grants users access to “a selection of exclusive, innovative, and pre-release capabilities” in the messaging application. It includes a slew of benefits, such as the ability to designate a friend as a BFF, an exclusive badge, a narrative replay count, and more. But, it is important to note that the Snapchat+ subscription does not remove adverts from the site, which is a major disappointment.

Snapchat plus Exclusive Features

Snapchat is not the only messaging application that has lately launched a subscription service? Over the last few months, major messaging services such as WhatsApp and Telegram have unveiled WhatsApp Premium and Telegram Premium, respectively. In every regard, you can find the finest new Snapchat Plus features right here:

Top 10 Snapchat plus Exclusive Features

  1. Personalized story Expiration

Formerly, Snapchat stories would disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat+ subscribers, on the other hand, may now set unique timers on their posts. Subscribers can set a timer ranging from one hour to one week. This implies you may now post a Snapchat story and maintain it public for up to a week.


  1. Notification Sounds That Are Special

Members of Snapchat Plus can also customize notification sounds for specific contacts. This can be useful in determining who gave you a Snap or a chat without having to search your phone for the sender’s name. Through Snapchat settings, you may configure personalized notification sounds for particular contacts. There are a total of seven sounds to pick from.


  1. Color Boundaries on Cameras

Another new Snapchat plus feature is the option to apply custom colored borders around the Snapchat camera angle. You can choose from an array of colors that will appear around your camera as you film videos or take images with the Snapchat camera.


  1. #1 BFF

Snapchat+ will allow you to pin a buddy as your #1 BFF to the head of the chat window. Yet, it doesn’t appear that you have to be best friends with the individual to pin them. As we explained in our Snapchat emoticons explainer post, those who are each other’s top pals for two weeks in a row will receive a red heart next to their names in the conversations list and will be referred to as BFFs.

  1. elusive star Badge

You will also receive an illusive star icon beside your Snapchat username as part of the Snapchat plus membership to signify that you are a Snapchat+ member. When others view your profile, they will most likely notice your Snapchat+ badge.


  1. Bitmoji Backgrounds Have Arrived

If you’re tired of Snapchat’s Bitmoji backdrops, you should enroll in Snapchat+. The membership will get you access to new Bitmoji Backgrounds that you may use immediately. Also, the Snapchat+ logo is subtly put in several of these backdrops. Snapchat has also recently released new Halloween-themed Bitmoji backdrops that are only available to Snapchat+ members.

  1. Count of Story Rewatches

Snapchat+, as the name implies, will show you how many times your friends have rewatched your story. Nonetheless, it appears that the service is currently experimental and may be expanded to additional users in the near future. According to The Insider, features that rely on exchanges with others will eventually be made available to all users.


  1. Ghost Routes and Snapchat Icons Exclusive

Ghost Tracks on Snap Maps allows you to view your friends’ location information for the last 24 hours. It’s worth noting that Ghost Trails will only appear if your friend shares their position with you. Customized icons are also new with the Snapchat+ membership. T here are over 30 symbols to pick from. More icons for Snapchat Plus users may be added in the future.


  1. Priority Story Reactions and Post View Emoji

If you have a Snapchat+ subscription, your responses to Snapchat Stars’ (Snap Stars’) stories will be prioritized and more apparent to them. Snapchat+ users will be able to choose an emoji that will appear when their friends see Snapchat. This implies that you can now have a kind of sign-off for each snap you transmit.


  1. Snapchat on PC

You will be allowed to use Snapchat on the computer as a Snapchat+ member. You can deliver texts and snaps straight from your laptop or PC in this manner. Follow the attached guide to discover how to download and use Snapchat on your laptop or desktop computer. It explains how to get Snapchat PWA, Snapchat Online capabilities, and more.


11. Snapchat Plus Pricing in India

Snapchat plus costs just Rs 49 per month in India as compared to a monthly cost of $ 3.99  in the US, which Is really cheap. So If you want to enjoy Snapchat Exclusive features in India, It’s worth giving it a shot. Taking the pricing in mind, it appears that Snapchat wishes to capitalize on its large user base in India to increase revenue.

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