JioTag Bluetooth tracker: Grab  a deal for just @ 799

Reliance Jio introduced JioTag in the nation on Thursday ie 8 th June. The JioTag is a Bluetooth tracker for electronics and accessories that is similar to Apple’s AirTag. The gadget is priced at Rs. 2,199 on the web page, however, the tracker is presently on sale for Rs. 749. The Jio Community Seek feature works with the newly released handset. It can be linked to personal belongings such as handbags and purses to track their location via Bluetooth link to the user’s mobile device.

JioTag Bluetooth tracker

JioTag Bluetooth tracker Features

JioTag may be little, but it is jam-packed with useful features. With a weight of 9.5 grams and dimensions of 3.82 x 3.82 x 0.72cm, it won’t add a great deal of space to your belongings. Because it is compatible with the JioThings smartphone application, you can attach it to your stuff, and track their location from your mobile device.

The tracker has a replaceable battery (CR2032) that promises to keep the JioTag running for a year. Not to that, Jio is sweetening the offer by including an extra battery and USB cable within the box.

While JioTag is not compatible with the Ultra-Wideband network, it does include the revolutionary ‘Jio Community Find functionality. If you happen to lose a JioTag-tagged object, simply mark it as misplaced in the JioThings app, and the community will assist you in locating the missing tag, giving you its most recent recorded location.

Advantages of using JioTag trackers

Finding misplaced items:

One of the key advantages of Bluetooth trackers such as the Reliance Jiotag is its potential to assist you in the recovery of missing or lost objects. You may utilize an application for smartphones to track the whereabouts of your items by attaching a tracker to them. When looking for your products, this may spare you time and hassle.

Mental tranquillity:

Bluetooth trackers give you peace of mind by giving you a sense of security. Being that you can easily identify your vital possessions might help you feel less anxious and more at peace, especially when traveling or in crowded environments.

Finding in both directions:

Many Bluetooth trackers include a two-way locating feature that allows you to locate your mobile device by pushing a tracker button. This is especially beneficial if you’ve lost your phone and need to locate it immediately.

Tracking using crowdsourcing:

Some Bluetooth trackers use a crowd-sourced network to find your misplaced item even if it is out of range of Bluetooth. If another person with a comparable Bluetooth tracker gets close to your lost product, you’ll get a location update. This feature substantially increases the monitoring range and increases the likelihood of discovering your stuff.

Separation warnings:

If you travel a specific distance away from the tracked item, Bluetooth trackers can send alerts to your phone. This aids in the prevention of unintentional loss or theft of your belongings by serving as a handy reminder to get your items before leaving.

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Multiple brands in India sell Bluetooth trackers at varying pricing points. Tile, Nutale, TrackR, and Cube are some prominent brands. Bluetooth tracker prices in India. And now, JioTag is a new market competitor.

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