Less-known & interesting Telegram features

Telegram is a popular messaging program that is well-known for its advanced functionality and safety features. While a lot of people are familiar with Telegram basic functionality, numerous lesser-known features provide additional benefits. In this article, we’ll go over eight of them in depth.

less known Telegram features

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Secret chat

Telegram’s Secret Chats feature offers end-to-end encryption for increased privacy. Messages undergo encryption from the sender to the recipient while using a Secret Chat, guaranteeing that only the intended recipient may read them. Secret Chats also supports self-destructing messages, enabling users to specify a timer for communications to be automatically deleted after a certain length of time. This tool is very useful for sensitive chats or when providing information that is confidential.

Run multiple accounts

Telegram users can have several accounts on the same device. This functionality is especially beneficial for people who administer many groups or channels or have distinct personal and business accounts. Users can effortlessly switch between accounts without having to log in and out, making it easier to manage many Telegram profiles.

Telegram Bots

Telegram Bots are automated programs that may do a variety of functions within the app. These bots can deliver important information, answer questions, and even entertain viewers. Bots, for example, can give news updates, weather predictions, language translators, and tools for productivity such as to-do lists and reminders. Users can communicate with robots by sending them messages or using specified commands. Telegram Bots are one of the most unique features of a messaging platform.

Voice Chats

While Telegram is primarily a messaging service, it also supports voice chat. Voice Chats enable users to start group audio conversations, so creating virtual venues for real-time talks. This function is very useful for arranging virtual meetings, conducting voice-based interviews, or simply having informal group talks with pals.

Schedule Messages

Users can write and schedule messages to be sent at a later time using Telegram’s Scheduled Messages functionality. This tool comes particularly helpful when you require sending reminders, birthday greetings, or significant announcements but are unable to do so manually at specific times. You can make sure that your messages reach recipients at the time of your choice by using scheduled messages, regardless of whether you are not actively using the application at the moment.

Polls & Quizzes

Telegram’s Polls & Quizzes feature makes it easy to interact with communities and solicit feedback from group members. Polls can be created by administrators or group members to collect feedback, perform surveys, or make collective decisions. Quizzes, on the contrary hand, let users construct interactive quizzes with questions that are multiple-choice and follow the responses of participants. This function is useful for educational reasons, community participation, or just plain entertainment.

Chat Folders

Telegram’s Chat Folders functionality assists users in organizing their messages by allowing them to create custom folders and categorize discussions. Users can simplify their chat list and prioritize discussions depending on their importance or topic by simply dropping talks into appropriate folders. This functionality is especially useful for users who belong to different groups or have multiple chats going on at the same time.

Easy to send Voice messages

While many messaging applications support voice messages, Telegram’s Voice Messages feature takes a step further by enabling users to send out voice messages without having to constantly hold down the microphone’s button. Users may secure the recording and keep talking hands-free by using the “Record Lock” function in settings. This function is useful for sending lengthy audio messages or multitasking while recording.

The bottom line

Finally, Telegram has several lesser-known features that improve user privacy, efficiency, and overall chat experience. Secret Chats guarantees end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages, while several accounts make it easier to manage different profiles. Telegram Bots provide automatic services and information, while Voice Chats allow for group audio interactions. Scheduled Messages, Polls, and Quizzes improve communication and participation, and Chat Folders help users organize their interactions. Finally, the Voice Messages feature provides a simple hands-free communication option.

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