Less known must explore Google Maps features

Google Maps is a remarkable tool that has transformed how we travel around the globe. Aside from its basic functions, there are other hidden features that people frequently ignore. In this post, we’ll look at eight lesser-known Google Maps features that can improve your navigation and make your trips more fun. These features provide unique and essential insights, ranging from real-time public transport updates to personalized recommendations.

must-explore Google Maps features

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Live View feature

Google Maps’ Live View feature blends augmented reality (AR) with real-time navigation. Live View uses your smartphone’s camera to project digital directions onto the real-world view, making it easier to navigate your way around. Whether you’re visiting a new city or seeking a specific location, Live View can help you find it by displaying virtual arrows & street names on the display. This integrated feature makes navigating more intuitive and participatory.

Indoor Street View

While many individuals are familiar with Google Street View for outdoor sites, Street View Indoor elevates mapping to new heights. You can use this tool to explore the interiors of many organizations and landmarks. You may virtually stroll into restaurants, museums, airports, and railway stations to obtain a 360-degree picture. Street View Indoor is especially useful before a trip if you’d like to check out the ambiance of a restaurant or examine the layout of an airport terminal.


Google Maps Explore feature makes personalized recommendations for nearby places based on your tastes. You can find restaurants, cafes, attractions, and other sites of interest tailored to your preferences by tapping on the Explore option. The recommendations take into consideration your location, prior searches, and feedback from other users. Explore helps you discover hidden treasures and popular local sites, making it easy to plan adventures or discover new favorite spots in your region or while traveling.


Google Maps’ Timeline function allows you to analyze and visualize your previous adventures. It tracks your location history automatically and shows it in a chronological timeline. You can go back in time and view the routes you took, the sites you visited, and how much time you spent at each spot. A timeline is an excellent tool for reliving memories, organizing trip experiences, and even retracing your steps if you’ve forgotten where you’ve been. Furthermore, it offers vital insights into your daily habits and might assist you in better managing your time.

Updates on Public Transportation

For individuals who rely on public transport, Google Maps provides real-time updates to assist you in smoothly navigating transit networks. You can find live departure times, delays, and alternate routes by entering your location and choosing the transit option. The app will keep you aware of any service outages or changes, allowing you to avoid avoidable delays. This feature is especially beneficial in unfamiliar locations or when traveling, allowing you to manage public transport networks with confidence. It’s one of the best google maps features to use when using public transport.

Offline Maps

Google Maps allows you to save maps for offline use, which can be quite useful in locations with little or no internet connectivity. You can access a certain map area with an internet connection by downloading it ahead of time. This feature is especially useful while traveling overseas or visiting rural areas. You may still check your position, search for destinations, and obtain directions even if you don’t have a data connection. Offline Maps guarantees you won’t get lost even when you’re not connected to the internet.

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