List of Visa Free & Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians in 2023

When planning an international trip, the initial concern often revolves around the visa application process. This involves spending hours online navigating the complex requirements for the destination country. However, it’s worth noting that several countries offer visa-free entry or visa-on-arrival for Indian passport holders.

As of March 2023, the Passport Index by Henley and Partners reveals that Indian passport holders have the privilege of traveling to various countries without the need for a visa. Additionally, they can obtain a visa-on-arrival in certain nations, while e-visas or entry permits are also accepted in specific cases. Currently, the Indian passport holds the 84th position in terms of travel freedom.

For a comprehensive understanding of which countries welcome Indian passport holders without the hassle of a traditional visa application, please refer to the following list:

List of Visa Free Countries for Indian Passport Holders in 2023

1. Albania15. Micronesia
2. Barbados16. Montserrat
3. Bhutan17. Nepal
4. British Virgin Islands18. Niue
5. Cook Islands19. Oman
6. Dominica20. Qatar
7. El Salvador21. Senegal
8. Fiji22. Saint Kitts and Nevis
9. Grenada23. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
10. Haiti24. Sri Lanka
11. Jamaica25. Trinidad and Tobago
12. Kazakhstan26. Tunisia
13. Macao (SAR China)27. Vanuatu
14. Mauritius 

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List of Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians in 2023

To acquire a visa-on-arrival, the typical procedure involves immigration officials scrutinizing the visitor’s passport, capturing their biometrics, and collecting the required fees before issuing the visa permit. These on-arrival visas are usually granted at significant entry points into the respective country, so it’s important to be aware of where you’ll receive the visa upon arrival.

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) facility became available to Indian travelers in 2014, with a revised list of eligible countries in 2015. In the list below, we’ve outlined the countries that offer visa-on-arrival and e-Visa options for Indian citizens in 2023:

28. Bolivia45. Mozambique
29. Botswana46. Myanmar
30. Burundi47. Palau Islands
31. Cambodia48. Rwanda
32. Cape Verde Islands49. Samoa
33. Comoro Islands50. Seychelles
34. Ethiopia51. Sierra Leone
35. Gabon52. Somalia
36. Guinea-Bissau53. Saint Lucia
37. Indonesia54. Tanzania
38. Iran55. Thailand
39. Jordan56. Timor-Leste
40. Laos57. Togo
41. Madagascar58. Tuvalu
42. Maldives59. Uganda
43. Marshall Islands60. Zimbabwe
44. Mauritania
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