Mismatched Season 2- release date, storyline, and other detail

Mismatched season 1, a 2020 Indian coming-of-age tale inspired by the darling book When Dimple Met Rishi, wasn’t all that long time ago. Supporters of the romantic drama series were eagerly waiting for Season 2 because the first season finished on a little of a cliffhanger. The wait is finally over as the lead cast is all back on course, and it appears that the second season of the show will immediately follow when first ended.

Finally, Netflix has revealed the time and date for the second season of the Akarsh Khurana-created show. Although Dimple and Rishi have returned, things between them are tense. The summer program is coming to an end for the group at Aravali, with twofold the drama, thrice the romantic entanglements, and again the rivalry. On October 14, Mismatched Season 2 will debut exclusively on Netflix.

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Mismatched Season 2 theme

The brilliant developer Dimple (Prajakta Koli) has lost her app. The frustrated romantic Rishi (Rohit Saraf) no longer believes in love. Dimple and Rishi must negotiate the treacherous terrains of strained friendships, new romantic interests, broken pledges, academic adjustments, and startling conflicts while their futures are at the stake.  Will Dimple and Rishi reconcile amidst all the drama brewing in the distance?

Recap of Mismatched Season 1 

Prajakta Koli, aka Mostlysane, and Ludo actor Rohit Saraf are the primary cast members of the Mismatched miniseries. Additionally, Rannvijay Singha and Vidya Malavade played significant roles in the rom-com series.  It is  Based on Sandhya Menon’s 2017 book When Dimple Met Rishi. the story revolved around a focused girl whose career is her priority and an extremely romantic guy who is looking for his future wife. Dimple wants to be a software genius, and Rishi wishes to achieve his happy ending. They eventually develop a friendship. The online comedy centers on a comically imperfect couple who attempt to make an application together. They are on a journey to create an app while discovering their friends, dealing with bullies, and handling a pretentious professor. At last, misunderstandings break their bond.

Trailer of Mismatched Season 2

The teaser appears to be entertaining, and it shows our cast continuing to attempt to find their way out of their tense circumstances. As of October 14, 2022, Netflix will start streaming it.

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