Netflix or Hotstar, Which is the best Streaming Platform and Why

Netflix and Hotstar are giant streaming services with tons of exclusive movies and shows available on their platform. Their catalogue keeps on updating to include more films and series as the Ott platforms continue to grow and excel. Since the pandemic, these brands have also ventured into the field of releasing movies directly through streaming services without a theatrical release. Many believe that with the way this world is progressing, cinema halls will soon be shut down, and we will have to rely on these platforms to get our daily dose of entertainment.

What plans do Netflix and Hotstar offer?

Netflix plans:

Netflix subscription plans

Netflix offers four types of plans in India, which include a mobile, basic, standard and premium plan.

Netflix customers can stream the content from their mobile at just ₹149 per month on the mobile-exclusive phone. However, one HD and Ultra HD access content.

On the other hand, the basic plan offers unlimited content at just ₹199 per month. Netflix basic users can access content from either a mobile, tablet or laptop. Similar to the mobile plan, it also does not include HD and Ultra HD access.

Netflix standard, priced at ₹499, is a plan that lets the users watch content on two devices simultaneously. One is free to stream on whatever kind of device they want, but Ultra HD stream is not included in the pack.

Lastly, Netflix premium is the company’s flagship plan, including HD and Ultra HD streaming. As many as 4 devices are allowed to stream the content at once. It costs ₹649 per month.

Hotstar plans:

Hotstar Subscription plans

Hotstar offers two different plan schemes in India.

Hotstar super is a plan that costs ₹899 for a year. One gets access to all the content on the streaming platform, and two devices with full HD streaming are allowed simultaneously. However, it does include ads while watching the shows and movies.

Hotstar premium, on the other hand, lets users stream content from four devices at the same time in 4k Ultra HD. It does not include ads and costs ₹1,499 for a year.

What type of content do Netflix and Hotstar have?

netflix and hotstar content comparison final verdict

One can quickly tell at a glance that Netflix has much more shows and movies than Hotstar. Netflix has some of the best foreign-language shows on its platform with a huge fan following. On the other hand, Hotstar has secured an exclusive deal with Marvel to stream all of its content. Almost everything new from Disney is also available on Hotstar. Lastly, Hotstar does not just host movies and shows. It also broadcasts live tv events and sports such as the highly popular Indian Premier League.

Final Verdict:

In terms of variety of content, Hotstar completely overshadows Netflix, but in terms of the quality of shows and movies, Netflix comes out on top. We find that Hotstar plans are much more affordable than its counterpart in comparing the pricing strategy. Hence, Hotstar is a better streaming platform in India.

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