Thinking of moving in together? Here are pros & Cons of Live-in relationships

Marriage is a legally binding, social, and purest form of union, the significance of which is gradually being disputed in the minds of many modern and educated individuals. Couples increasingly put their romance and chemistry to the proof without tying the knot. Whereas the financial cost of a wedding is too great in some circumstances, in others, partners are often unsure about one other and hence choose a live-in relationship. So you feel that living together is the greatest alternative before walking across the aisle with her. But did you realize that this type of agreement has the potential to alter the entire dynamic of your connection? If you are considering moving in with your partner, consider the following pros and cons.

Significant Pros of Engaging in a Live-In Relationship are:

pros of Live-in relationships

  1. Works as a compatibility test

Staying together is a milestone in a love that takes time and consideration. But how can you judge if your companion is a good match for the marital relationship? A live-in relationship is an excellent way to see if you and your lover are comfortable enough just to spend the rest of your lives together.

  1. Better Understanding

A date or two may help you to get to understand your partner a little better. A live-in pair, on the contrary hand, can know one other considerably better than normal weekend night dinners and long conversations on call. Sharing a residence can be a huge victory for a couple who wants to find out about each other’s routines, lifestyles, interests, and so on.

  1. Financial independence

One of the most significant benefits of a live-in relationship is the distribution of bills, as each member is accountable for themselves. Marriage entails the additional responsibility of keeping joint financial ventures and double banking activities, in which the partners must constantly monitor their expenditures and income. Moreover often in Hindu culture men are supposed to bear all financial burdens.

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  1. Unlimited Romance

There are numerous advantages of living together. Moving in would undoubtedly provide you with the opportunity to jazz up your bedroom quotient. Physical closeness is essential in establishing confidence and satisfaction in a couple’s life. It also assists you in letting go of your restriction when it comes to satisfying your romantic desires.

  1. No divorcee label

One of the best parts about being in a relationship is that if the spouses agree that they are not fit for one another and walk forward from their living arrangement, neither boy nor girl will be labeled as a divorcee. They can move on and establish a connection with someone else.

  1. Eliminate all social pressures

Marriage is complicated by social and family pressures. In Live-In, though, there is no such real pressure. The lovers can live harmoniously without engaging their family in their relationship.

  1. Attraction or Love

We usually get into relationships because we are attracted to one another. However, after a while, the spark fades and the relationship becomes monotonous. Living in a relationship enables both partners to determine whether or not they respect and love each other or if it was just infatuation.

Significant Cons of Engaging in a Live-In Relationship are:

Fights in live-in-relationship

  1. Society’s unwillingness to accept

It is true that society, particularly in India, is still unwilling to accept such relationships, making it difficult for the live-in pair to exist in a country in which they are not respected. Such partners are frequently viewed as societal outcasts, which means they are scolded, criticized, and frequently assaulted for their bizarre choice. A culture that separates couples based on ethnicity, wealth, and religion could never expect to accept a live-in relationship without negative judgment.

  1. Absence of commitment

There is a very low or no probability of permanence in this relationship, and even if they are committed, they have the option of leaving the connection without any reason also.

  1. Women are negatively affected

If a live-in relationship does not work out, women suffer the most physically, socially, and psychologically. In our culture, where patriarchal norms govern societal edicts, women face the brunt of the consequences of breaking with convention. After having been in a live-in relationship with anyone, they find it challenging to find a suitable and supportive partner for marriage.

  1. Families provide no assistance

The absence of assistance from family and acquaintances is the most severe handicap of live-in relationships. It creates the pair a lot of emotional anguish which is sometimes the root of their relationship’s failure.

  1. Shared space can lead to fights

Sharing the same place with a person 24 hours a day, seven days a week can get suffocating, particularly if you are not contractually obligated to one another. This can lead to arguments between partners, which can often ruin the bond.

  1. The honeymoon period is over

If you marry after having been in living together with your partner, you may discover that honeymoon is already over. You’ve been staying with each other for a while now, so you’re both used to one another, and the urge to continuously please your spouse is considerably less.

  1. Children’s Situation

It has a significant impact on the children born from a live-in relationship. First and foremost, they may exhibit a disregard for rules and regulations. They also have a tinge of distrust in their minds, particularly if their parents get separated. Second,  after a breakup, the child’s father has no express legal basis to assert any physical custody. It is primarily up to the child’s mother to agree mostly on the father’s rights. Finally, a kid born has no title to his or her father’s patrimony. Because their parent’s bond is legally meaningless.

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