Snapchat Plus:  subscription fees, benefits, and more

To generate more profit, Snapchat has created a premium membership service. The great thing about most social media sites is that you can interact with people and even establish a good name for yourself without spending any money. Snapchat creators, on the other hand, have opted to upset the free expectations with their latest premium service. In India, it prices only Rs. 49 per month. So, what exactly does Snapchat Plus do? What are the advantages of purchasing it? how to subscribe to it?

purchase Snapchat Plus subscription

Steps to purchase Snapchat Plus subscription

  1. To reach your user profile, open Snapchat then hit your profile symbol in the top-left area.
  2. If Snapchat Plus is accessible to you, a gold-colored banner advertising will appear at the top of the display under your username. Click the banner.
  3. Choose the length of your membership — a single month, six months, or an entire year — and then click Start 7-Day Trial Version.
  4. Consider signing up with your Apple ID, Google account, or a connected credit card or debit card, based on your phone. After you’ve added it, press Subscribe to sign on it.
  5. Once the purchase is completed, a screen will display detailing some of the Snapchat Plus functions.

Snapchat Premium subscription top features include:

Color Borders on Cameras

Another new Snapchat+ feature is the option to apply customized colored borders to all surrounding Snapchat views of the camera. You may pick from a variety of colors that will appear surrounding your camera while you record films or take images with the Snapchat camera.

Ghost Trails

Ghost Trails on Snap Maps allows you to view your friends’ GPS location for the last 24 hours. It’s worth noting that Ghost Trails will only appear if your buddy shares their location with you.

Indicator of Story Rewatch

If you have Snapchat Plus, the eyes emoji will appear beneath Stories that one or more friends have rewatched. The score next to the eye emoji represents the number of friends who have rewatched your Story, not the overall count of times it has been seen. It does not, however, reveal who among your friends rewatched your Story.

Snapchat+ badge

Snapchat+ also offers exclusivity. A black star badge may be added to your username to allow your friends and family to know you’re a Snapchat Plus subscription.

Solar System for Friends

The Friend Solar System lets users see what other friends they talk with most frequently and rate them accordingly. A solar system represents this structure. Thus, if some other person is ranked as Mercury, it signifies that you’re their ‘Best Friend’. You may also be classified as a ‘Friend’ or even a ‘Best Friend’. The former indicates that although you are one of their eight closest friends, they are not among yours.

Amazing Bitmoji Backgrounds 

If you’re tired of Snapchat’s Bitmoji backdrops, you should absolutely subscribe to Snapchat+. The membership will get you access to brand-new Bitmoji Backgrounds that you may use immediately. Furthermore, the Snapchat+ logo is quietly put in several of these backdrops.

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