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Steps to immediately take when you receive fraud international calls on WhatsApp

Scammers are leveraging chat systems such as WhatsApp and Telegram to dupe people and take their money. Scammers are deceiving users with a new method this time. They phone and message from international lines and offer people part-time work. When it comes to part-time occupations, Indians are easy prey. Scammers utilize this method to dupe users and steal millions of rupees.

 fraud international calls on WhatsApp

These calls have been increasingly regular in recent weeks. Many Indians claim to have received unwanted calls as well as messages from international numbers on WhatsApp Twitter and other online platforms. These calls and texts, which frequently come from unidentified phone numbers, can be frustrating and confusing for customers.

WhatsApp has now issued a statement outlining the steps it is taking to combat such scams.

WhatsApp stated in a statement that “To stop spam, we use spam detection software to identify and immediately take measures on accounts that exhibit abnormal behavior”

“To stop spam, we use spam detection software to identify and immediately take measures on accounts that exhibit abnormal behavior,” WhatsApp stated in a statement.

“If a user has a problem about their interaction with us and is unable to express it through other means, we have a grievance representative based in India who can be reached.” The reports contain user concerns and WhatsApp’s response, as well as WhatsApp’s preventive measures to address misuse on the network.”

WhatsApp additionally unveiled an advertising effort titled “Stay safe with WhatsApp” to inform people about its in-built product characteristics and safety tools such as Two-Step Verification, Block and Report, and Privacy oversight, which serve as guarantees to help safeguard users from scams on the internet, frauds and account harming threats.

Here are 5 things to immediately do when you receive fraud international calls on WhatsApp

  • Do not answer the phone: If you get a call from a foreign number you do not recognize, avoid answering it. If you answer the phone, you may become a victim of a scam or scam.
  • Do not answer financial advantage messages: If you get a message from a foreign number offering money advantages, such as a prize or lottery win, it is most certainly a fraud. Do not respond to these calls and texts, and if required, notify them to WhatsApp.
  • Block the phone number in question: If you receive numerous calls from the same international number, you might consider blocking it. This is accomplished by choosing the option to block the number after touching the number in your call log.
  • Report the number: You can report a global number to WhatsApp if you suspect it is related to spam messages fraud, or other criminal conduct. To do so, pick the option to report the number by tapping on the number in your call record.
  • Enable two-factor authentication: Enabling two-factor authentication will further safeguard your WhatsApp account from unauthorized access. When entering into the account, you will be required to input a verification code along with your password. Overall, when using WhatsApp and other messaging apps, it is critical to be cautious, particularly when receiving calls and messages from unfamiliar overseas numbers. You may help defend yourself from fraudulent activities, fraud, and other unwanted conduct by following these suggestions.

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