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Steps to Update Your Aadhaar Address: Will it change your Aadhaar Number?

Residents of India are given Aadhaar numbers by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), and these numbers are meant to be stable for the duration of a person’s life. Changes or adjustments to your Aadhaar information are, nevertheless, permitted in some situations, including address changes. Let’s examine the procedure in more depth:

Aadhaar Address Change:

When moving within India, if your residence address changes, you can and should update your Aadhaar record to show the new address. This is significant since many services, like as bank transactions, government programs, and others, require verification of identification and address, such as Aadhaar.

You can change your Aadhaar address in the following ways:

Updated online:

  • Go to to access the official UIDAI website.
  • The “Update Your Address Online” link should be clicked.
  • Utilize your Aadhaar number to log in by following the steps.
  • Enter the necessary information and upload supporting files to demonstrate your new address.
  • For address verification, UIDAI offers a list of acceptable papers, including voter identification, passports, utility bills, etc.

You will receive an acknowledgment receipt with a URN (Update Request Number) for tracking the status of your update after submitting the update request.

Aadhaar Enrollment Center:

  • Visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Center to update your address.
  • Give the enrollment agent your Aadhaar number and the paperwork proving your new address.
  • Your biometric data will be collected by the operator and entered in the system for verification.
  • An acknowledgment slip with a URN for monitoring the update status will be sent to you.

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  • Your update request can be mailed to the UIDAI office.
  • From the UIDAI website, download the Aadhaar Update/Correction Form.
  • Complete the form, include self-attested copies of the documents proving your address, and mail it to the address provided.

Your Aadhaar Number Will It Change?

When you alter your address or any other demographic information, your Aadhaar number stays the same. Instead, your personal Aadhaar number stays the same while the changes are recorded in your Aadhaar data. Given that the Aadhaar number is intended to serve as a permanent identification, this is an essential component of the system.

Verification procedure: After submitting a request to update your address, UIDAI examines the data and supporting documentation. If everything is in order, they check the information and update your address in their records. Using the URN given to you throughout the submission procedure, you can check the progress of your modification.

It’s crucial to remember that even while your Aadhaar number won’t change, once the changes have been approved and processed, a new Aadhaar card with your new address will be produced.

The bottom line

In conclusion, updating your address has no effect on your Aadhaar number. Your updated Aadhaar card will reflect any changes to your demographic data since Aadhaar is intended to be a lifelong identification. To avoid any problems with verification and authentication, make sure you update your Aadhaar address in accordance with the right procedures and with the proper supporting documentation.

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