TAJ: Reign of Revenge Season Review: Blood Bath continues in Mughal Families for love, Pride & Kingdom

Taj returns two months after the debut of the initial season with Taj: Reign of Revenge, the sequel, which will be released in two separate installments. The first installment was released on May 12, 2023, and the second installment will be released soon. After a fifteen-year hiatus, the second season resumes. We are first shown a recap of the first season, which is sufficient for our memories to recollect the events in it. The Mughals expanded their power, but their internal ties were strained.

TAJ- Reign of Revenge

Akbar was endowed with three sons, but none of them are worthy of the throne. Akbar then goes to Sheikh Salim Chisti to have his questions answered. It’s no surprise to state that it has a great deal to do with power-hungry monarchs screaming for each other’s blood and women futilely attempting to exert influence over men and their acts. There is a lot more interpersonal strife and rivalry in the initial three episodes on which this review is built than any foreign threat to Badshah Akbar’s Mughal kingdom at its most difficult period.

TAJ: Reign of Revenge Season 2: Review and Storyline

With further cunning actions and assassinations within the Mughal empire, the fierce war for the crown goes uninterrupted. Salim is in Kabul, where the King’s men are collecting Lagaan (tax) from merchants. He robbed the bank and gave the cash to his aunt. Salim despises his father for what he did to his beloved and has no plans to come back to him. Salim arrives when Akbar dispatches Jodha to retrieve his son, but his admission into the Mughal court is delayed.

Mehrunissa and Salim both despise the monarch, therefore their friendship was natural. Salim then wreaks devastation on his father and does whatever he can to oppose the Mughals. He didn’t even rescue his brother Daniyal, who has been cowering in an alley like a rat.

Season 1 was an incredible ride, while Season 2 is more detailed and fascinating, but less thrilling. It perks matters up with melodramatic intensity and strikes you gently and gradually like a wine, crafted with great care by show composer Abhimanyu Singh with supervision by Vibhu Puri.

Don’t underestimate Taj after the first episode; it builds suspense as it progresses and explores new characters and connections. Mehrunissa (Noor Jahan), portrayed by Suraseni Maitra, and Salim’s sons, Khusrau and Khurram, portrayed by Jiansh Aggarwal and Mittansh Lulla, accordingly, will make their debut.

The awkward, uneasy, complex, and contentious connection between the father-son duo, acted with brilliance and utter sincerity by Naseeruddin Shah and Aashim Gulati, gives Taj its emotional depth. While the veteran’s immaculate diction has always been an attribute of any venture, the latter exudes an overwhelming feeling of foreboding, grief, and resilience. Sandhya Mridul, who plays Jodha Bhai and Suraseni, gets the most screen time in this visually spectacular ten-episode series.

Final Verdict:

The narrative of Emperor Akbar and the Mughal Empire is drenched in blood, and it consistently makes for a gripping tale filled with complicated human relations and desire on the big screen. After an exciting first season, ‘Taj: Divided by Blood’ manages to impress on every point in its second season. The story is filled with bloodshed and intrigue, and you never know who Salim will attack next. We believe the developers have disclosed a lot in the teaser for the next installment, as it gives a sense of what will happen next.

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