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8 tips to expedite the process to claim income tax refunds

A much-needed cash boost might be obtained from receiving an income tax refund, particularly if you overpaid your taxes for the year. The wait for your reimbursement, however, can occasionally be excruciatingly long. You can take a few actions in 2023 to hasten the processing of your income tax return (ITR) and get your refund sooner. These methods are described in depth in this article to assist you in navigating the tax refund procedure more quickly.

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Electronic filing

To expedite your refund, one of the best strategies is to file your income tax return electronically. In addition to being substantially quicker than paper filing, e-filing is also more accurate and secure. E-filed returns are processed by the IRS significantly more quickly, which decreases the time you have to wait for your refund.

Implement direct deposit

When giving the tax authorities access to your account information, choose direct deposit. By doing this, you can be sure that your refund will be promptly credited to your bank account and avoid any postal delays that come with paper checks. To avoid any problems, make sure to verify the authenticity of your account and routing information twice.

Submit early

Early filing throughout tax season can hasten the processing of your refund. First-come, first-served processing is how the IRS normally handles returns. The likelihood of receiving your return earlier increases with earlier submission because the backlog tends to get worse as the filing deadline approaches.

Check Your Information Again

Make sure that every piece of information on your tax return is true and current. The processing of your return may be delayed as a result of mistakes, discrepancies, or missing information. Before submitting your return, check your Social Security number, address, and other information about your income and deductions.

Select the Proper Filing Status

It’s important to choose the right filing status. Considering that it may affect your tax liability and refund amount, pick the option that best fits your circumstances. Choosing the incorrect status can result in an audit or cause your return’s processing to be delayed.

Review Tax Deductions and Credits

To maximize your refund, utilize all allowable tax deductions and credits. Make sure all pertinent details, such as college expenditures, daycare bills, and mortgage interest, are included. A lesser refund may be the result of missing out on possible deductions.

Create records

Keep meticulous records of all your financial transactions, including receipts for all of your purchases and deductions. In the event of an audit or if the tax authorities have inquiries regarding your return, this evidence may prove to be of great use. The Olympia procedure might go more quickly if the documents are accurate.

Examine for updates

Keep up with any revisions to or changes to the tax code for the current tax year. Knowing about any new rules or credits might help you prepare your tax return more effectively, potentially increasing the amount of your refund.

Check Your Return

Use the online tools provided by the IRS to check the progress of your return. You can call the automated refund helpline or use the IRS “Where’s My Refund?” service. Following up on your return might help you quickly spot and resolve any problems.

Do not file amended returns

Your refund may be severely delayed if you file an amended return. It’s essential to submit a precise return the first time. Consult a tax expert to decide the best course of action if you discover an error.


While it can be annoying to wait for your income tax return, there are steps you can take in 2023 to speed up the procedure. You can expedite your return by filing electronically, using direct transfer, filing early, and assuring the accuracy of your information. Additionally, keeping up with tax law changes and making the most of your allowable credits and deductions might aid in your prompt receipt of the refund you are due. You may shorten the wait and maximize your tax refunds by using the tactics listed here.

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