Top 6 iconic acts by Gajodhar bhaiya Aka Raju Srivastav

Raju Srivastav, a name that was once synonymous with glee and laughter, is no longer anymore. The comedian who passed away last Wednesday ie 21st September spent more than a month in the hospital after collapsing at home while exercising. The entertainer had numerous unforgettable experiences throughout the decades. He became well-known as a result of the stand-up comedy program Laughter Challenge. Ever since the figure of “Gajodhar” has become well-known thanks to his humorous catchphrases and the personalities he invites to the stage. He was well recognized for his observational humor, which he used to make fun of people’s actions in a variety of contexts, including weddings, car accidents, and other events.

Following are 6 of Raju Srivastav’s most well-known stand-up acts

  1. Behen Ki Shaadi episode

The television program “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” helped the Raju break out on the national stage and become well-known. He performed in several fantastic sets during the performance, but “Behen Ki Shaadi” is among the most well-known ones, having been viewed by millions of viewers on YouTube as of this writing. Not only is the joke quite entertaining to see, but it also demonstrates the comedian’s familiarity with rural Villages.

  1. Railway Platform

A few of those artists, Raju Srivastav, who could create a fantastic stand-up act out of any ordinary thing or circumstance were demonstrated in this performance on the  Railway Station Platform.  The segment that discusses the experiences of individuals who sleep on railroad platforms is quite humorous, has a terrific conclusion, and moreover when it concludes, you wish it had lasted a little longer.

  1. Animals mimicry

His creativity was not constrained by predetermined parameters. Every time he stepped onto the stage, he pushed the limits of inventiveness and presented anything surprising. He mimed animals during a performance at the Laughter Challenge, winning the hearts of not just the experts Shekhar Suman and Navjot Singh Sidhu but also everyone in India.

  1. politician episode

He was quite skilled at impersonating politicians; in one case, the comedian had the opportunity to impersonate a politician right in front of him at an Indian event in 2012, where he impersonated well-known Bihari leader Lalu Yadav. Lalu himself was quite pleased and amazed with the performer after the joke, which lasted around 8 minutes, had the entire crowd in fits of giggles.

  1. Umang 2013

Another excellent stand-up comedy skit by Raju Srivastava can be found in Umang, an annual event on Sony tv that honors the efforts of the Mumbai police. During his five-minute show, the entertainer cracked a plethora of jokes about his work as a celebrity to the photographer. The stand-up performance is a must-see since it was extremely funny and entertaining.

  1. “Haan yeh kar lo pehle”

Shah Rukh Khan and a fruit vendor engaged in a conversation in the stand-up comedian’s imagined dialogue. The memorable exchange became one of Raju’s most memorable one-liners and is now often used in Instagram memes. His impersonation of SRK is excellent, and this performance is a must-see.

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