Top 8 European Countries to Visit at Least Once in Your Life

Europe is a land that has something to offer to almost everyone. The rich continent harbours some of the most beautiful landscapes and historical monuments. Also, European countries are famous for their pleasant weather. Everyone wishes to visit European countries at least once in their lives and experience a different taste of culture and cuisine. However, a trip to Europe costs a fortune, making the prospective visitors consider their options twice. Nevertheless, one should keep a trip to Europe on their radar due to the serene beauty and historical significance the European countries possess.

Here are the top 8 European countries to visit:

1- France

european countries

France, the country that harbours the city of flowers, Paris. France is the most famous European destination due to its rich culture, cuisine, architecture and welcoming people. The famous Eiffel Tower situated in Paris is an architectural wonder and a symbol of love and hope. Many lovers hope to visit the tower at least once in their lifetime to click a picture beside it. Other than that you can explore the local France cities and towns which are equally beautiful and will offer you a sense of freshness. Finally, French food is one of the best cuisines globally, with something to soothe everyone.

2- United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the best destinations for work and education globally. From Oxford University to Cambridge School of Economics, the universities in England occupy the top places in providing a first-class education. However, the site is a lot more than that. One can visit hundreds of beautiful beaches and adore the monuments like London Bridge and Clock Tower during their stay at this place. Also, the best thing about the United Kingdom is that it offers a wide variety of food from almost all the regions of the world.

3- Germany

Germany has completely transformed since the 2nd World War. Now, the county ranks among the top in hospitality. They have vast regions of forests, grasslands and areas of mountains that one can explore during their visit. Everyone’s taste buds can be soothed with the variety of food offered in Germany. Lastly, Indians can quickly obtain a visa for Germany without much hassle, unlike in other European countries.

4- Netherlands

amsterdam european countries

The Netherlands, the country of beautiful sunsets and flowers, is a paradise on Earth. Boating in Amsterdam with your close ones is a dream ride for couples worldwide. One can also rent a cycle and explore the cities in the country through a well-structured cycling route. If you want to reconnect with the history, you can visit the house where Anne Frank wrote her diary during the 2nd world war. Van Gogh Museum is also a place that attracts many tourists.

5- Italy

If you love pizza and have a sense of fashion, you will definitely adore the Italian cities. The country is famous for inventing pizza and various varieties of sauce and kinds of pasta which people all across the globe love to eat. Milan, a city in Italy, is known as the fashion capital where you can explore the fashionista in you. Last but not least, the city of ancient knowledge, Rome, within Italy, is a must-visit place.

6- Spain

A county with massive influence over the world, Spain is home to many historical castles and monuments, which adds to the beauty of its country. Spanish people are very amicable, and one can easily communicate and make friends with them. Spanish cuisine is also a delight for those who love non-vegetarian food. The county is also famous for its love of soccer, and you can spot children playing the sport in every nook and corner of Barcelona.

7- Greece

european countries greece

If you are looking for peace and calm while vacationing, you must visit this European country. Greece is famous for its beautiful white structured buildings and clean beaches. The country has vast historical and mythical significance as the legends of Greek gods are still renowned worldwide. Greece is the birthplace of theatre, Olympics and democracy and is one of the best countries in Europe.

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