Top Pros and Cons of Eating Pineapple in Summer

Pineapple is one of those fruits rich in Vitamins, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium that can produce loads of effects on the human body. The fruit harbours many positive effects if consumed accordingly; however, eating pineapple in summer can also cause adverse effects.

What are the benefits and disadvantages associated with consuming pineapple in summer? If you are curious to know, then keep on reading.

Here are the benefits of eating Pineapple in summer:


1- Aids in Digestion

Pineapple contains digestive enzymes called bromelain that help in breaking down protein molecules. It accelerates the process of food being absorbed by the human body. People who suffer from pancreatic insufficiency can include pineapple in their diet to quicken the digestive process.

2- Makes Bones Stronger

Consuming pineapple in summer can help people fight off arthritis as the tropical fruit is highly efficient in creating bone strength in human beings. Also, the inflammation suppressing antioxidants in pineapple is effective against symptoms of osteoarthritis.

3- Boosts Weight Loss

Consuming pineapple in summer can help you shave off some pounds and get a much fitter and slimmer physique. Enzymes present in pineapple accelerate the process of fat-burning in the body. With adequate exercise combined with a pineapple rich diet, a person can hope to lose weight.

Disadvantages of consuming pineapple in summer:

tropical fruit

1- May Induce Diarrhoea

Consuming pineapple in unproportionate amounts can increase the chances of bad digestion and diarrhoea. Consumption of the tropical fruit should be monitored as it can produce adverse effects on individuals whose digestive system is not suitable for the contents of pineapple.

2- High in Sugar

Pineapple intake for diabetes patients is not advisable regularly due to its high sugar content. People who do not have diabetes should also be wary of the amount of sweetness present in the fruit, as it can cause problems later on in life.

3- May lead to Miscarriage

A harrowing fact associated with Pineapple is that it can lead to abortion or miscarriage due to the presence of bromelain in the fruit. Studies have shown that pregnant women might experience contraction of the uterus due to pineapple, which can ultimately lead to a miscarriage.


Pineapple must be consumed only by those individuals who are free of any allergic response to the fruit. The intake of pineapple should be monitored as the over-consumption of the fruit can produce negative effects.

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