Track lost phones via Govt. portals like Sanchar Saathi

Governments and mobile phone service providers have implemented a variety of steps in recent years to assist mobile users in blocking and tracking their stolen phones via specialized portals. These portals are designed to help users protect their personal data and retrieve their devices in the event of theft or misplacement. In this piece, we will go through how mobile users can use government websites to disable and track their lost phones, such as the Sanchar Saathi portal.

Track lost phones via Govt. portals

Scroll to know the ways to track lost phones via government websites like the Sanchar Saathi portal.

Registration with the government

Users need to register their mobile devices to use the government portal’s services. This registration process requires you to provide important information like the phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), which is a unique identifier that identifies every device. The IMEI number is normally printed on the device’s box or can be obtained by dialing *#06# on the phone’s keypad. Users create direct contact between their phones and the government’s tracking system by registering their mobile devices.

Reporting a Stolen or Lost Phone

In the unfortunate case that a phone is lost or stolen, users must notify local authorities as well as their mobile service provider. They ought to log in to the government portal linked with their nation to be informed of the situation. Reporting the loss as soon as possible guarantees that the phone is entered into the database of lost or stolen phones, allowing authorities to successfully track it.

Remote Locking and Data Security using the Sanchar Saathi site

To register their lost phones, people must go to the Sanchar Saathi website and provide their information. They will also be able to disable the old phone and SIM card. People can unlock mobile phones if they are recovered. Over 40 lakh bogus connections have been found so far, with more than 36 lakhs already terminated.

GPS Monitoring

Many current cell phones include GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, which allows for precise position tracking. This capability is used by government portals to hunt down misplaced phones. When a user reports their phone as lost, the tracking system uses GPS data to follow the device’s location. This data is communicated to the government portal, allowing users and authorized authorities to locate the device in question on a map.

Alerts and Geofencing

Geofencing functionality is frequently provided by government portals to improve tracking capabilities. Users can create virtual borders on a map within which the misplaced phone should remain. If the gadget violates these bounds, the portal sends notifications to the individual using it and designated authorities, indicating the device’s possible movement or theft. Geofencing adds an extra layer of security and can aid in the quick recovery of the phone.

Law Enforcement Agency Collaboration

Government portals like Sanchar Saathi serve as a centralized platform for tracking down misplaced phones. They work together with local law enforcement agencies to guarantee that stolen devices are recovered in a coordinated manner. The gateway delivers real-time information on the phone’s location, enabling authorities to take appropriate action as soon as possible. This collaboration aids in the recovery of missing or stolen phones and the arrest of suspected criminals.

Communication in Both Directions

In some circumstances, government portals enable two-way communication between the phone’s owner and the individual who discovered the missing device. This function allows the finder to contact the owner, allowing the phone to be returned without contacting law enforcement. Users have an extra option for reclaiming their phones by establishing a direct channel of communication, especially if the device was misplaced instead of stolen.

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